Private Sexual Health Clinic – Framlingham

Wells Close Square, Framlingham, Suffolk. IP13 9D

What to expect from our private STI clinic in Suffolk

Your Sexual Health have a private sexual health clinic in Framlingham providing discreet and confidential sexual health screening to people in Suffolk. Our service is simple: choose the test that you wish to complete and pick an appointment time that suits you. All you have to do then is arrive at your appointment to deposit your sample. We’ll take care of the rest, with no need for lengthy and uncomfortable NHS clinic wait times.

What STI tests do Your Sexual Health offer?

We offer a wide range of private sexual health tests that can diagnose all common STIs, including private chlamydia and private HIV tests. Our products are separated into two main categories – profile tests and individual tests. Our profile tests diagnose multiple conditions using the same sample and offer complete peace of mind against a range of STIs. Our individual tests diagnose one or two conditions at a time and are great for people who believe they’ve come into contact with a particular condition.

Where is the private STI clinic in Framlingham

Our private STI clinic in Framlingham is located in the town centre just a short walk from Framlingham Castle. The clinic is easily accessible from anywhere in East Suffolk and is just a short drive off the A12. Parking around the clinic is straightforward with on street parking available in the area.

What happens after my test?

Once you’ve deposited your sample it will be taken to our labs for testing. You will be notified of your result via either telephone or email and all positive results will be offered a free GP consultation our partner medical organisation. These consultations allow you to ask the questions you require, whilst they can also provide you with medication using their prescription service.