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Your Sexual Health has a number of private STD clinics in Newcastle providing a range of testing options. The clinics offer people in the city the opportunity to diagnose a range of sexually transmitted infections in a comfortable and confidential manner. Our service is 100% confidential and we aim to make the whole process as discreet as possible. We also offer a home visits service which allows you to get the tests that you require at a private location convenient for you.

Our Private STI Clinics in Newcastle

Newcastle – Princess Square


The Newcastle sexual health clinic is located on College Street near Northumbria University. The location is easily accessible from anywhere within the city centre and is just a 15 minute walk from Newcastle Central station or a five minute walk from Haymarket or Manors Metro.

Newcastle – Regent Centre

Lower Ground Floor, Eldon House West,Regent Centre,Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 3PW

Our Regent Centre clinic is in the Northern part of the city in Gosforth. This clinic has fantastic Metro access and a range of parking is available near by making it convenient and simple.

Newcastle – Home Visits

We can bring the private STD clinic to you

If you want to receive one of our private STD tests, but you don’t feel comfortable visiting our clinic locations, we can visit you. Our home visits service allows us to bring the test to an any address of your choice in Newcastle and across the UK. Find out more about this service on our home visits page.
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Our Private STI Tests in Newcastle

Your Sexual Health have a wide range of private sexual health tests available at our clinic locations in Newcastle, including tests against chlamydia, HIV & gonorrhoea. To find out more about any of our product, click the link below or contact our helpful team on 0161 660 2599.

Profile Tests

Diagnose multiple conditions using the same sample, which is great if you need complete Peace of Mind

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Early Detection

Accurate results just 14 days after potential exposure, which is much sooner than many of our standard STI tests

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Individual Tests

Great if you believe you’ve come into contact with a particular STI or if you require a retest following treatment

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Quick Turnaround

Our Quick Turnaround profiles offer a faster turnaround time upon reaching the lab

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About your visit with Your Sexual Health

Find out more about our private STI testing options in Newcastle by browsing some frequently asked questions. For more information on our products or service contact us today on 0161 660 2599.

Once you’ve deposited your sample it’s taken to our laboratory for testing to the highest medical standards possible. Once we receive your results you’ll be notified using your preferred contact details of either telephone or email. Details of test turnaround times can be found on the test booking page.

In the event that your results come back positive you’ll also be offered a free telephone consultation with a GP from our partner medical organisation. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about the condition and provide you with treatment to get you on the mend. They also offer a prescription service and can handle onward referral.

Each test that is sold by Your Sexual Health is limited by an incubation period. This period is the time it takes the sexually transmitted infection to reach a detectable level within your body. If you take your test before this period has passed then your test will not deliver accurate results.

Details of incubation periods can be found on our tests page and these should be abided by where possible. If you have not yet reached the incubation period but you believe you’ve been exposed to a particular sexually transmitted infection you may benefit from our Early Detection screens. These offer accurate results with much shorter wait times.

For many urine tests, if you are experiencing symptoms, the incubation period is likely to already have passed. To find out more information about incubation times and our special Early Detection tests, contact us today.

Sexually transmitted infections can affect everyone differently depending on how long you’ve been infected, your gender and what it is that you’ve caught. For many people there may not be any noticeable symptoms, whilst others may confuse symptoms for other conditions.

Despite this, there are however a few symptoms which may point to an STD, including: –

  • Pain whilst urinating
  • A rash, spots, lesions or any other kind of sore in the genital area
  • Unusual penile or vaginal discharge that may smell strange
  • Pain in the lower abdomen for women

If you notice any of these symptoms it’s important that you are tested or seek medical help. To find the most suitable test for you contact our customer services on 0161 660 2599.

Everyone has their own reasons for getting tested, here are just some of the reasons that might encourage you to get tested: –

  • Starting a new relationship and you want to ensure you’re all clear
  • If you’ve had a one night stand but didn’t use a condom
  • General peace of mind testing if you’ve had more than one sexual partner in the previous year
  • Before beginning IVF or if you’re trying for a baby
  • To support your VISA application if you’re moving to a country that requires HIV free certification

The service offered by Your Sexual Health offers a more discreet and confidential testing option to NHS testing. Here are just some of the reasons to choose us: –

  • Discreet and confidential service where the only people who know about your test are you and us
  • Clinics locally in Newcastle which means you’ll be able to find the most suitable option for you
  • Appointment service allowing you to fit your tests around your schedule
  • Competitive pricing for a range of tests
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Find out more about our service

Still unsure about how Your Sexual Health works? Why not watch our information video to find out more before booking your appointment. Remember you can book an appointment by using the booking buttons or by contacting our customer services team on 0161 660 2599.