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How to get an STD Test during the lockdown

The latest government advice on staying at home for all but essential journeys means it’s harder for people who need an STD test to take one. In this blog we explain the ways that you can still get tested and the reasons that getting a test might be seen as essential.

How can I get tested?

There are a number of ways that you can get tested for an STD, even in the current lockdown.

Home Tests

Our STD Home Tests enable you to deposit your sample in the comfort of your own home before returning it to our laboratory for testing. All sample kits are sent by Royal Mail First Class post or they can be sent by Click & Collect if you need to be discreet and don’t want the sample collection kit turning up at your door.

Home Visits

We’re still offering home visit appointments. Simply select a home visit when confirming your order and we’ll arrange for a nurse to come and collect your sample.

Some clinics are open

Although the majority of our STD clinics are closed for the safety of clients and staff, a number of key clinics remain open to the public in major cities, albeit with a number of precautions in place. If you would prefer a clinic appointment book at your preferred location. If it isn’t available, we’ll arrange a home test or book you in at the nearest available clinic.

Getting Treatment

Even during a lockdown, it’s still possible to get treatment for sexually transmitted infections. Your Sexual Health offers a free telephone GP consultation following every positive test meaning you can get a prescription for medication should it be required.

During the lockdown, pharmacies will remain open as these are classed as essential businesses when it comes to maintaining peoples health and wellbeing so you should have no issues getting the medication you require.

When do you need to take an STD test?

Getting tested is an important part of our sexual and reproductive health. You should get tested at least once a year if you’re sexually active as part of a general “sexual health MOT”. However, you may have other reasons for getting tested, including: –

  • You’ve had unprotected sex with someone for the first time
  • You’re starting a new relationship
  • You have symptoms of an STD
  • A previous sexual partner has told you that you have an STD
  • Your partner has cheated on you

Should I get tested?

During a lockdown, it’s important to balance the standard advice for sexual health with the latest government rules that bans all but essential travel. Where your health is concerned, an STD test would be considered essential if you have symptoms of an STD, you’re anxious or concerned you might have an STD, or if someone you’ve had sex with has told you they have an STD. In these instances feel free to book a clinic appointment.

Until the government restrictions on leaving your home only for essential reasons relax, it’s recommended that you purchase one of our convenient home tests for a routine check on your sexual health. In these instances, we’ll deliver the sample collection kit to your door for you to deposit the sample in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do then is collect the sample and return it to the laboratory in the prepaid envelope.