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Reasons to take a COVID-19 home test

Your Sexual Health has recently launched its own coronavirus testing service, allowing patients to receive accurate laboratory tests for COVID-19 without having to leave their home. The tests can diagnose current infection using a swab sample taken from the throat and nose.

Currently, using a private testing company is the only way to get an accurate diagnosis for coronavirus without working for the NHS or being admitted to hospital. We identify a number of reasons that you might look to get tested.

You have symptoms of coronavirus

The most obvious reason for taking a home test for COVID-19 is if you have symptoms. The most common symptoms include a fever and a dry cough. Although you must still follow the government guidance on self isolation, getting tested can help protect those around you whilst you might still be infectious.

You work with vulnerable people or are shielding family members

If you have a job that brings you face-to-face with those in a higher risk group, you may wish to take additional precautions to prevent them from catching the virus. Likewise, you may have older relatives who need taking care of. Of course, it’s still important that you follow the government guidelines on coronavirus.

If you are concerned about delays to government testing

Despite the government promising to ramp up government testing, it is unlikely it will be available to the wider public for a couple of months. Unless you are a frontline NHS worker or you’ve been admitted to hospital with COVID-19 symptoms the only way you can get tested is privately through services such as ours. 

It’s important that when choosing a private STD test, you select one that is carried out at a UKAS certified laboratory which has validation from the NHS.