Can you get HIV through oral sex?



95% of HIV transmission happens because of intercourse without a condom. Although the chances of contracting HIV via oral sex is small the percentage still exists. Some things that could accelerate the chances of contracting HIV via oral sex are bleeding gums, genital sores and mouth ulcers. If you have had oral sex recently with a potentially HIV positive person it’s really important to get tested.

What are the risks of oral sex

While the chances of getting HIV through oral sex are minimal, it can potentially cause many other issues. Some of these include; gonorrhoea, genital herpes and syphilis, all of whom can cause many infertility issues.  symptoms vary however, they can be treated as long as they are detected early.  

How can I make oral sex safer

The easiest way to avoid getting STI through oral sex is by wearing a condom. Flavoured multi sex condoms were created to encourage people to use protection while having oral sex. 

How do I get treatment

Your sexual health has a national network of clinics where you can get tested locally today.  If you would prefer, our mobile testing team is able to come out and visit you by appointment at a location such as your home or place of work. We also offer a postal test service where we can send you the relevant test collection kit along with clear and precise instructions. Whichever route you choose, our service is designed to be quick and easy and above all, to respect and value your privacy.