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Private sexual health testing available across the city and at home

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What to expect from our private STI testing in Aberdeen

Your Sexual Health has a private STD clinic in the Scottish town of Aberdeen. The clinic is located near the train station and offers excellent access to testing for anyone living in Aberdeenshire. When you arrive at your appointment on Poyernook Road you’ll be advised how to effectively deposit your sample by one of our nurses. The container will then be sent to our laboratory for testing and we’ll notify you of your results.

Our Aberdeen Clinic


Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. AB11 5BS

Situated on Waterloo Quay, our Aberdeen clinic is located is located in a convenient and central location for the town’s main transport links, including Aberdeen station which is just half a mile away. There are also a range of car parks near by for those arriving by road.

Home Testing in Aberdeen

Home Tests

Get a sample collection kit posted to your door

As well as our private sexual health clinic in Aberdeen, we also offer a range of home tests. These allow you to collect the sample in the comfort of your own home before posting it back to our laboratory. These offer the same accurate results as our clinic tests, just without the need to visit a clinic.

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Our Private STI Tests in Aberdeen

We can offer a range of private STD testing in Aberdeen. Tests that can be carried out include private HIV tests, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis and more. A full list of screens that are available can be viewed on our private STD tests page. You will book your tests prior to your visit to the clinic. If you are unsure of which tests you may require then you can contact us to find out more. The main tests available from Aberdeen include: –

Profile Tests

Diagnose multiple conditions using the same sample, which is great if you need complete Peace of Mind

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Early Detection

Accurate results just 14 days after potential exposure, which is much sooner than many of our standard STI tests

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Individual Tests

Great if you believe you’ve come into contact with a particular STI or if you require a retest following treatment

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Quick Turnaround

With our Quick Turnaround tests, you’ll receive your results within a day of reaching the lab

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About your visit with Your Sexual Health

Find out more about our private STI testing service in Aberdeen from our frequently asked questions below.

Once you’ve deposited your sample it will be sent to our laboratory for testing via first class post. Turnaround times vary depending on the test that you’ve taken and the day that you’ve taken it. Once your sample is received by the laboratory it will be tested to the highest standard of medical accuracy.

You’ll be notified of your results via the contact method specified on purchase. In the event that your sample returns positive you’ll also be offered a telephone consultation with a GP from our partner medical organisation. They will be able to discuss any questions you may have about your condition and prescribe you the most effective medication to treat it.

Every test requires that you wait until the incubation period has passed in order to give you an accurate test result. The incubation period is the time between exposure and the time when the infection is at a detectable level within your body. This period varies for each test with details available on our private STI Tests page.

If you have symptoms, it’s likely that the period has already passed and your test will offer an accurate result. However, in the event of any negative results on these occasions, retesting is always recommended.

If you have any questions about our accuracy dates please contact our customer services team on 0161 660 2599 and one of our experts will be able to help you.

Unfortunately, many STIs show no symptoms and therefore the only fully effective way to find out if you have a sexually transmitted infection is to get tested. Some general symptoms that you can look out for include: –

  • Discharge from the penis or vagina
  • Pain when going for a wee
  • Lower abdominal pains
  • Sores, lesions, blisters or a rash in any area where there has been sexual contact

If you notice any of these symptoms it’s important that you are tested or seek medical help. To find the most suitable test for you contact our customer services on 0161 660 2599.

There are many circumstances in which sexual health testing is the sensible and safe thing to do, including: –

  • Following a one night stand, in particular if you didn’t use protection
  • If you’ve been told by a former sexual partner that I have a particular STD
  • Before you start a new relationship to avoid passing anything on to your partner
  • As a general check-up if you’re sexually active and you’ve had multiple sexual partners in the previous year
  • If you have symptoms that are common with sexually transmitted infections

We can also offer tests should you require any certification, either to support an international visa application or to be used for IVF purposes.

The service offered by Your Sexual Health offers a more discreet and confidential testing option to NHS testing. Here are just some of the reasons to choose us: –

  • Discreet and confidential service where the only people who know about your test are you and us
  • Appointment service allowing you to fit your tests around your schedule
  • Competitive pricing for a range of tests
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