Private Sexual Health Clinic – Abergavenny

Cross St, Abergavenny. NP7 5EH

What to expect from our private STI clinic in Abergavenny

Your Sexual Health have a private sexual health clinic in Abergavenny that offers a range of confidential and discreet STI tests. Our service allows you to get the answers that you require in a convenient manner, without the need for busy NHS clinic waiting rooms. Simply choose the test you require and an appointment time that suits you. All you have to do then is arrive at the clinic and deposit your sample, we take care of the rest.

What tests are available from Your Sexual Health

We can diagnose a range of sexually transmitted infections from our clinic location in Abergavenny, including common STIs such as chlamydia, HIV and gonorrhoea. Our tests come in two types. Profile tests allow you to diagnose multiple conditions using the same sample, whilst our individual tests allow you to diagnose one or two conditions. All of our tests require either a blood or urine sample.

Where is the private sexual health clinic in Abergavenny?

Our private sexual health clinic in Abergavenny offers excellent access to sexual health testing for anyone living in South East Wales. The clinic is located in the town centre just a short walk from Abergavenny Market. Roadside parking is available on the clinic road just off the A40. Abergavenny Train Station is also within walking distance just half a mile away for anyone using public transport.

What happens after my sample?

Once you’ve deposited your sample it will be taken to one of labs for testing. As soon as we learn of your result you will be notified via your preferred contact method of either telephone or email. In the unfortunate instance where your results are positive you will be offered a free telephone consultation with a GP from our partner medical organisation. They will be able to answer your questions and explain about your treatment options, arranging a prescription should it be required.