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Wakefield – Sandal

Barnsley Road, Wakefield. WF1 5NX
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments
  • Onsite parking

What to expect from our private sexual health clinic in Wakefield

Your Sexual Health have a private STI clinic in the Sandal area of Wakefield offering a wide range of STD tests against all common conditions. Our service is designed with your convenience and confidence in mind. All you have to do is choose your test and pick an appointment time that suits you. We’ll then confirm your appointment time so all that you have to do is arrive at the clinic to deposit your samples.

Where is the Sandal sexual health clinic in Wakefield?

Our Sandal clinic is well-placed for those to the south of Wakefield and offers users access to private STD testing for those in Pontefract and Barnsley. It’s also just a short walk from Sandal & Agbrigg railway station. To find out more about the clinic, visit the clinic location page or to book your appointment use the booking button below.

What happens when I deposit my sample at the Wakefield STI clinic?

Once you have deposited your sample at our dedicated testing centre, we send it off to our lab for testing. Depending on your requirements, we can get your results back to you between a day and 5 days. This turnaround time is based on the STI that you wish to be tested for.

A blood test for hepatitis has a quicker turnaround time than herpes, which requires a urine sample. You will receive a telephone call once your results are ready.

Sexual Health Clinic Wakefield FAQs

‘Sexual health’ can be anything that includes the safety of you or someone else with regard to their sex lives. This includes testing for STIs and your health in relation to sex, but also an assessment of any possible emotional harm or disorder that might be related to you and your sex life.

The 4 C’s of sexual health are:

  • Consent
  • Condoms
  • Contraception
  • Communication

These 4 aspects of sexual health are a handy way of remembering ways in which you and others can stay safe during sex.

You would want to go to a sexual health clinic if you are concerned about your sexual health. This concern can stem from having had protected or unprotected sex or if you are exhibiting signs of an STI. You may also consider going to a clinic if you are starting up with a new partner and you wish to preserve both your and their sexual health by being screened.