What tests are available from Your Sexual Health

We have a great range of private testing available at your sexual health clinics. Our completely confidential testing service include HIV, gonorrhoea and chlamydia tests. Additionally, by using the same sample, our profile tests are able to diagnose a variety of STI conditions. All of the tests that take place in your sexual health clinics are laboratory examined to ensure results are accurate

Where is the private STD clinic in Dorset?

Our private STD clinic in Dorset is located on  Wilmslow Road. The availability of parking space makes this clinic very convenient. The clinic is opposite EF international language campus and is situated in a very accessible location.  

What happens after my sample?

Once you have submitted your sample it is transferred to our laboratory team for more detailed testing. Once the test is analysed, we are able to send the results via a preferred method of communication. If the test comes out positive for particular STD we can offer you a free telephone consultation. We can also take care of prescription and referral procedures.  

Don’t want to visit a clinic? Use our Home Visits service

Your sexual health offers are home testing service for people who don’t feel comfortable or simply don’t have the time to visit our clinics. The mobile testing team are able to come out to any address, hotel or place work and conduct a test. This offers our customers flexibility and privacy in a location which is comfortable for them.