Private STD Testing Coventry

Your Sexual Health offer a mobile testing service across Coventry

What to expect from our private STD clinic in Coventry?

Your Sexual Health offer private STD testing in Coventry where the clinic comes to you. Our mobile test service allows you to be tested at any address in the city. All you have to do is select your tests and we’ll come to you. Our service is 100% confidential, whilst our clinicians where no uniform and drive unmarked cars to make the service all the more discreet.

Our testing options

We offer a wide range of STD test options on our mobile service. Individual conditions that we can diagnose include HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhoea amongst others. We also offer profile testing options which allow you to diagnose a range of conditions with just one sample. You can find out more about the turnaround times for each test on our booking page.

Where will the private STD clinic in Coventry visit?

Our mobile STD testing service can visit any address in Coventry as long as there is a running water supply and facilities to wash your hands. Many people choose to be tested at home, but you can also be tested at a work address or somewhere else as long as it meets our requirements. If you have a location in mind, but you’re not sure if it’s suitable then you can contact our customer service team to find out more.

What happens after my test?

Once we’ve taken your samples they will be delivered to our nearest private STD testing laboratory for testing. When we learn your results we will notify you via your preferred contact method which is either phone or email. If your tests return positive then you will be offered a free telephone consultation to discuss your condition. We also offer a prescription service and onward referral so that you can get the treatment that you require.