Private STD Testing – Isle of Wight

Your Sexual Health offer mobile STD testing across the Isle of Wight

What to expect from our private STD testing on Isle of Wight?

Your Sexual Health offer a private STD testing service on the Isle of Wight which brings the tests to you. Our mobile service means that we can test you at any address on the island that has running water and hand washing facilities. Our service is 100% confidential and our clinicians wear normal clothes and drive an unmarked car it more discreet. All that you have to do is select the tests you require and tell us your address, we’ll take care of the rest.

Our tests

We offer a wide range of private STD testing options on the Isle of Wight, including individual HIV and chlamydia tests. We also offer a range of profile tests which mean we can diagnose a number of STDs using the same sample. All of our tests use either a blood or urine sample. You can find out more about the individual tests on the next page of the booking process.

Where will the private STD clinic on the Isle of Wight visit?

Our private STD clinic on the Isle of Wight can visit any address on the island as long as there’s running water and hand washing facilities. Many of our patients choose home addresses, but it’s also possible for us to visit other addresses such as work locations. If you’re unsure whether the address that you have in mind is suitable then you can contact our customer service team.

What happens after my test?

Once we have taken your test samples they will be delivered to our laboratory. We will notify you of your results using either phone or email. If your results are positive then you will be offered a free telephone consultation with one of our specialists. Unlike many other private STD testing services we also offer a prescription service and can manage onward referral to ensure you get the treatment that you require.