Private STI Testing Luton

Home visits available across Luton

What to expect from our private STI testing in Luton

Our unique home visits service means that we can offer private STD testing in Luton at any address in the town. This service ensures that we can bring the tests to you at a time that suits meaning there’s no need to visit a clinic. Our service is 100% confidential and our mobile clinicians are completely discreet; the only person who has to know about the tests is you.

What tests can you offer?

We have a range of individual tests for people who are concerned about one particular condition, these include private HIV tests and private chlamydia tests. We also offer profile tests which allow us to diagnose a range of conditions using the same sample. These are the best test option for individuals who wish to ensure they are completely clear of infection. Turnaround time information is available when selecting the tests that your require.

Where will you visit?

Our private STI testing service in Luton is not only available at home addresses, we will visit any address in the city that has clean water and hand washing facilities. If you have an address in mind, but you’re unsure if it is suitable then contact our customer services team to find out more.

What happens after my tests?

Once we have administered your tests our mobile clinician will deliver them to the nearest laboratory for testing. When we find out your results we will notify you using your preferred contact method, which is either telephone or email. A free telephone consultation will be offered to anyone who receives a positive test result so that you can discuss onward referral and treatment options for your condition. We also offer a prescription service enabling you to get the medication that you require in a timely manner.