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Mobile STD testing is available across the city

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What to expect from your private sexual health clinic in Plymouth

Your Sexual Health offer a range of private STD tests in Plymouth via our mobile clinic service. We can collect your test samples at any location in the city as long as there is hand washing facilities. Simply select the test that you require and tell us the address you want us to visit. Our mobile testing allows for an ultra-confidential service at any location in and around Plymouth.

Private STD Tests in Plymouth

We can offer a range of private STI tests in Plymouth. These include private HIV tests and private chlamydia tests, whilst we can also check for syphilis, hepatitis, gonorrhoea and herpes. Find out more about the individual STI tests that we have on offer by browsing our private STI tests page.

What kind of location can I select?

People select various kinds of locations for our mobile STD testing service including home or business addresses. All that is required is a clean water supply with hand washing facilities.  Appointments are available between 8.00am and 8.00pm to offer maximum convenience and ensure that you get your private STD tests when you need them. Our staff do not wear uniform and have unbranded cars in order to make our tests completely discreet.

Following your tests

Once you have deposited your samples we will send them to the lab for testing. Turnaround times are dependent on the test and range from 4 hours to 5 days. Your results are returned via a previously agreed method, usually by email. If your results are positive you will be offered a free telephone consultation by one of our medical professionals who will offer you advice on the effective treatment of the condition. We can also offer you a prescription service to ensure you receive the medication that you require for an additional fee.