Private STD Clinic Northampton

Your Sexual Health offer mobile testing across Northampton

What to expect from our private STD testing Northampton

Your Sexual Health has a private STD clinic in Northampton that can visit you. Our mobile clinic service means that you can get a range of STD tests at any location in the UK as long as there is a running water supply and hand washing facilities. To book a test using our mobile clinic service, simply select the test that you require and tell us your address. Our vehicles are unmarked and our staff do not wear uniform.

Our Tests

We offer a wide range of tests through our mobile testing service including private HIV tests and chlamydia tests. As well as tests for individual conditions we also offer profile tests which allow you to diagnose a range of conditions with just one sample. You can find out more about our tests, including turnaround times by pressing the booking button above. All of our tests use either a blood or urine sample to diagnose the condition.

Where can our mobile tests be carried out?

Our mobile clinic means that tests can be carried out at literally any address in the UK as long as there is running water and hand washing facilities. Many of our customers use home addresses or work addresses, but there are many options. If you have a location in mind but you are unsure whether it is suitable then contact our customer services team. Appointments are available between 8.00am and 8.00pm, seven days a week to maximise convenience.

What happens after my sample is deposited?

Once you have deposited your test sample it will be delivered at our nearest laboratory for testing. When we know your results we will notify you either by phone or email. Anyone who returns a positive test will be offered a free GP consultation. Our onward referral and prescriptions services also mean that you can get the treatment required in a timely manner.