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Use our private prescription service following your positive test

Should you test positive for a sexually transmitted infection after taking one of our tests you may require medication. Luckily, we can arrange a prescription for the majority of the STDs that we test for. All of our prescriptions are handled by one of our GPs following the processing of your results before being sent by Royal Mail 1st Class Tracked & Signed to an address of your choice. Order your prescription below and fill out your delivery details.

How the service works

If you test positive for an STD using one of our tests you will be offered a free GP consultation. During this consultation one of our GPs will discuss your condition and arrange medication. If you don’t require a free GP consultation, that’s fine too. We’ll arrange the medication based on your result and your responses to a short questionnaire when ordering your prescriptions.

Please Note: We can only offer prescriptions for positive test results that have been received following a Your Sexual Health test. 

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Step 1.

Following your test you’ll be offered a GP consultation or sent a link to purchase your prescription

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Step 2.

You’ll be asked to answer a short questionnaire before purchasing your prescription for £20.

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Step 3.

One of our GPs will process your prescription following your positive result. It will then be sent first class.

Step 4.

You can then take your private prescription to any chemist and you’ll just have to pay the cost of the medication.

Order Your Prescription

Order your prescription below and fill out the questionnaire form on the next page. It's important that you answer all questions on the questionnaire as this will help us identify any allergies and it may impact the treatment that we are safely able to offer you.

Please Note: We are only able to provide a prescription for patients who have booked their test and received their results through Your Sexual Health. To see our full range of sexual health tests, visit our private STD tests page.

Private Prescription - £10

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