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A COVID-19 PCR test to see if you are currently infected

Your Sexual Health are able to deliver private coronavirus testing to patients across the UK, diagnosing a current infection of COVID-19. These laboratory tests can be sent directly to your door so that you can collect a sample before returning it to our lab. Results for this test are available when they reach the laboratory, but please allow time for return postage. POSTAGE IS FREE.

  • Postal test£149

    We'll send a sample collection kit to your door

  • Clinic test£199

    Visit a private STD clinic to deposit your sample

  • Turnaround time 2 days

    The turnaround time in working days, once your sample is received by the lab.

Collection methods:


Tests for


Who is this test for?

The COVID-19 PCR Home Test diagnoses current infection. It is different from our antibody test which says whether you have previously had the virus.

Our home coronavirus tests can be taken by anyone, including: –

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19
  • If you have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • If you are anxious and worried about whether you may be infected with COVID -19

How does this test work?

Our test detects the nucleic material (RNA) within the virus. This allows for the identification of COVID-19 infection at an earlier stage than our antibody test which requires your immune system to produce antibodies to the infection, which may be delayed.

It uses a nasopharyngeal swab to collect a sample. A sample will be taken from the back of the throat avoiding the tongue and from the back of the nose, including each nostril. Full instructions on collecting the sample will be included within the test kit.

Once received by the laboratory, your results will be available within 3 days.

How long do results take?

This test will offer accurate results for COVID-19 the same day that they reach the laboratory, but it’s important you allow time for return postage. All test kits are sent by Royal Mail 1st class post.

What sample is required?

Our PCR test kit uses a nasopharyngeal swab to collect a sample from the back of the nose and the back of the throat. More information can be found on the procedure section and full instructions are provided after purchase.

Is this test right for me?

This test is designed to identify an existing infection of COVID-19 which may help you decide the course of action needed.

It doesn’t identify if a person is immune to the virus if you take the test once infection has passed. For this reason, it’s still important to follow advice outlined by the government.

Our COVID-19 testing kit uses two separate swabs taken by the patient in the comfort of their own home. More information on the process for collecting the sample can be seen in the below video from our laboratory or instructions can be read below.

1. Read the detailed instructions provided

Each sample collection kit will come with detailed instructions on depositing the sample. Ensure you read these carefully before depositing your sample.

2. Throat sample

Take the second swab sample from the back of the throat. Collect a sample from both sides of the throat but be careful to avoid contact with the tongue. 

3. Nose sample

The first sample will be taken from the nasal cavity in the back of the nose. Insert the swab in both nostrils and take the sample from the back of the nose. Place the sample in the transportation container and break the end of the swab on the break line so that it fits.

4. Check your details on the swabs and the laboratory request form are correct.

If there are errors, please correct and phone Your Sexual Health to inform them. Do not delay in posting your samples to the laboratory.

5. Package the samples and return

Once you’ve taken your sample, ensure that they are packaged in the kit provided before returning to the laboratory in the prepaid envelopes provided. Ensure the laboratory request form is included.

6. Wash your hands and wipe down the envelope

Ensure that you now wash your hands and wipe down the outer envelope with an antibacterial cloth if possible. All you have to do now is wait for your results, which will be communicated to you by Your Sexual Health as soon as they are received.

Why Choose Us?

Nearest clinics

These are the nearest clinics where this test is available.

London - City

London Wall, London. EC2M 5TU
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments
  • Onsite parking

Our private sexual health clinic in City of London is located on London Wall, near Moorgate train and underground station. The clinic is easily accessible for anyone living or working in the City of London offering quick and easy access to testing. Other nearby transport options include Bank and Liverpool Street station.

London - Tower Bridge

Shad Thames, Courage Yard, London. SE1 2NJ
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments

The Tower Bridge private sexual health clinic is located on the south bank adjacent to Tower Bridge in the Courage Yard shopping precinct. The clinic is ideally located in between London Bridge and Bermondsey underground stations.

London - Canning Town

Minnie Baldock Street, Canning Town. E16 1YE
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments

The private clinic location in Canning Town is situated perfectly for anyone who uses the tube regular as it's just a short walk from Canning Town Tube Station on the Jubilee Line and DLR.