Hepatitis B Test

Hepatitis B Postal Testing Kit


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Product Description

Accurate STD Home Tests from Your Sexual Health

The Hepatitis B Home Test Kit from Your Sexual Health offers patients who are worried that they may have contracted the disease to get tested in the comfort of their own home. All of our home STD test kits are tested in a laboratory, meaning 100% accurate readings without the need to visit a clinic.

Our Hepatitis B home STD test is easy to complete. We post out the containers by special delivery once we receive your order. All you have to do is deposit a blood sample following the method used in our instructional video. You then post back your sample in a pre-paid envelope and wait for your results.

All of our STD tests are confidential and discreet meaning the only person who has to know about them is you. The record of your test won’t even be included on your medical record. You will be notified of your result by email or phone. If your test returns a positive result we will also offer you a free telephone appointment.

Hepatitis B Information

Hepatitis B is a viral infection of the liver that is passed between people via bodily fluids, including during sex. It often causes no obvious symptoms in adults and can often disappear without causing a problem. However, on some occasions people with Hepatitis may develop a chronic infection which can have a more lasting effect. Hepatitis B can also be passed on to babies through their mothers.

If you have Hepatitis B then you can pass it on to your sexual partners, whether you are symptomatic or not. If you’ve have unprotected sex with someone who has Hepatitis B then you may have contracted the virus and should get tested.

To find out more about our Hepatitis B home STD test or any of our tests contact us on 0161 660 2599 or info@yoursexualhealth.co.uk.