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Instant HIV Test & Fast Track Visa Certificate

Instant HIV Test with fast track certification for those pushed for time

Are you moving to a country that requires a HIV test certificate and you’re in a race against time to get tested? Our Instant HIV Test offers the most straightforward access to accurate results and we’ll fast track your certificate so it’ll be with you the very same day.

  • Clinic test£199

    Visit a private STD clinic to deposit your sample

  • Accurate from 28 days

    This is the amount of time you must wait from exposure to testing

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Who is this test for?

This test is for anyone that’s moving to a country that requires a HIV test certificate as part of your residency visa application. It offers the most convenient option, allowing you to book an appointment, get your results and get your certificate all in the same day.

How is the test carried out?

This test is carried out at one of our Instant Testing clinics with 18 locations nationwide. We’ll use a blood sample and determine your results whilst you wait in our clinic. You’ll need to bring your passport with you to your appointment so that we can verify your identity.

Turnaround time

Results for this test and your certificate will be available on the same day that your appointment is booked.

Incubation period

This test offers accurate results 28 days following potential exposure to HIV.

Clinic test procedure

This test is only available as a clinic test. By selecting a clinic test you’ll be assisted by a nurse or doctor in one of our sexual health clinics located across the country.

1. Book your test

To book this test, simply press the ‘Select This Test’ button above. You’ll then be taken to our booking page where you can choose the best clinic for your needs.

2. Bring photo ID with you

If you require a certificate of your results it is important that you bring photo ID. Failure to bring your ID means we can’t verify your identity and we won’t be able to give you a certificate.

3. Your test

This is an instant test, delivering results whilst you wait at the clinic. It requires a finger prick blood sample to deliver the results.

4. We’ll generate your certificate

Once we’re notified of your results by the clinic and they’ve verified your identity, we’ll generate your certificate and send it to you as soon as possible.

Home test procedure

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How It Works

We offer a comprehensive range of testing options against all common STIs. You can test in one of our private sexual health clinics or in the comfort of your own home.

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