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Profile 1 – Postal Test


The Profile 1 Test Kit is our most comprehensive and most popular test. It can diagnose a wide range of STIs using the same sample. 

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Product Description

Our Most Comprehensive and Most Popular Test

The Profile 1 test is the most comprehensive sexual health screen available. It covers all common and well known STIs, but also diagnoses a number of lesser known infections that can go undiagnosed for many years if only using routine testing through the NHS.

Who is this test for?

This test is designed for anyone who wants complete peace of mind. Whether you’ve just started a new relationship or you’ve had multiple sexual partners and want a general sexual health test, you’ll get the results you need with the Profile 1.

How is the test carried out?

The test is carried out using both a urine sample and a finger blood sample which can be collected in the comfort of your own home. Instructions are provided in the test package whilst our instructional video at the top of the Postal Tests page will help guide you.

Turnaround Time

This test can take up to 5 days to gain accurate results once received by the lab. On many occasions our results are returned quicker. Some of the conditions within the Profile 1 may be diagnosed quicker than others and on these occasions we’ll notify you of each as and when we receive them.

The sample collection pack is sent Royal Mail First Class the same day that you make your order if you complete your purchase before 4pm or the following day if made after.

Incubation Period

Please be advised that this test will only offer the advised level of accuracy against all conditions 28 days after potential exposure. If you believe you came into contact sooner than 28 days then you may wish to take one of our Early Detection tests which offer accurate results just 10 days after exposure.