Profile 5 Test

Profile 5 Postal Test Kit


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Product Description

The same test offered as standard at NHS Clinics

The Profile 5 test diagnoses the four most common STIs using a blood and urine sample. It’s the same test that is offered as standard on the NHS, buy by booking through Your Sexual Health you’ll benefit from our convenient approach to Private STI Testing. 

Who is this test for?

This test is for anyone who has had unprotected sex with someone new and is yet to get tested. Many of the conditions that the Profile 5 tests for don’t show any symptoms and can therefore go diagnosed for years without regular testing. It should give you peace of mind against the most common STIs.

How is the test carried out?

The test is carried out using both a urine sample and a finger prick blood sample which are collected from our clinic location with help from a medical professional at the clinic.

Turnaround Time

This test takes around 2 working days to gain accurate results once received by the lab.

The sample collection pack is sent Royal Mail First Class the same day that you make your order if you complete your purchase before 4pm or the following day if made after.

Incubation Period

This test offers accurate results 28 days following potential exposure. If you believe you’ve come into contact with any of the conditions more recently than 28 days, then you may benefit from our Early Detection tests which offer accurate results within 10 days. Contact out team of experts for more information.