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Your Sexual Health have partnered with the adult film industry to provide convenient access to early detection testing with free certification. We’ve worked with a range of producers and industry spokespeople to help adult stars get back to work, remain in work and stay healthy.

This page will act as a resource offering you access to industry specific tests and answering frequently asked questions about our service. Feel free to share with your colleagues and anyone you know in the industry.

Please note: When booking a test we recommend that you allow an additional day turnaround time before your next film shoot and avoid booking over the weekend. This is to ensure that you receive your results without any issues. For example if you are filming in 4 days and the test you require has a 2 day turnaround time, book no later than 3 days before.


1. Choose Your Test

Choose the test that you require, enter your details and pay for your test. When you book your test you’ll be asked for a number of details that will help us confirm your appointment as quick as possible and confirm you work in the adult industry.

2. Prepare Your ID

Email a photo of your ID (either Passport or driving license) to info@yoursexualhealth.co.uk. This will allow us to confirm identity and is the first step to ensure you receive certification. You will also need to bring your ID with you to your appointment.

3. Arrive At Your Appointment

Arrive at your appointment at the confirmed time. Bring your ID to confirm your identity, the nurse will ask to see this before taking your sample. Please Note: Failure to arrive at the confirmed appointment time will result in you being charged a cancellation fee.

4. We'll Send Your Certificate

Now that we’ve taken your sample they will be sent to the laboratory for testing. We’ll notify you of your results as soon as we receive them and issue with your certificate which will help you continue working in the industry.


These tests are only available at two of our clinics for a number of reasons: –

  • A number of these test packages are industry specific and these clinics are the only ones that offer the service
  • More appointment availability
  • Helps us keep the costs of these particular tests down for industry staff
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Availability of swab sample collection

If you require testing in any other of our clinic locations across the country, we can still provide free certification, however we are unable to provide the same test profiles at the performer rate. To find the most suitable option for your circumstances in these instances contact our customer services team on 0161 660 2599.

We operate on a pay-up-front basis for all of our tests. This ensures that we can secure your appointment with the clinic and speeds up the process with the laboratory. A number of our clinics also don’t have payment facilities as they are blood collection facilities only.

If you can no longer make your appointment you must let us know no later than 48 hours before your appointment time. If you cancel later than this point or miss your appointment you will only be eligible for a partial refund as you may have taken an appointment which another customer could have filled.

We’ve been strong advocates for the best possible sexual health in the adult film industry since we started our work and have been prominent at a number of industry events. We understand that many free testing options available on the NHS are not robust enough for the adult industry, nor do they fit in with the schedules of many performers. We’re also mindful that many NHS clinics don’t offer certification and none offer early detection testing.

After speaking with a number of people within the industry we’ve been able to find a pricing structure that we hope works for you. It allows you to stay safe by offering early detection tests that you can trust and it ensures that everyone can remain in work, stay safe and avoids any adult industry shutdowns like the one in February 2019.

Beyond this we will continue to work with the adult film industry to make it as safe as possible and are always happy to explore new ideas and options to do so.