Archers storyline highlights STI issue

Radio soap raises awareness of STIs

The popular and long running radio soap, The Archers, has put sexually transmitted infections into the public eye with its latest storyline. Listeners of the show are eagerly awaiting the results of character Phoebe’s STI test following a love affair with a local fruit picker.

Private STI testing
Amongst a range of themes running throughout the story was Phoebe’s reluctance to visit her local STI clinic. The character was embarrassed in case she saw someone that she knew and also scared to touch anything in the clinic.

Her thoughts and fears reflect how people feel about visiting NHS clinics across the country and with cuts to public health services STI clinics are unlikely to become any more pleasant. With many clinics also making it difficult to book appointments it also means that visiting can be a long and inconvenient experience.

Private STI Testing from Your Sexual Health

Luckily, Your Sexual Health offers a unique alternative in the form of private STI testing that allows you to book an appointment at a clinic that suits you. Our service is completely confidential, with the only people who need to know about your visit being you and us.

Our service allows you to get a range of private STI tests in comfortable surroundings. If you test positive for any STIs you will also be offered a free telephone consultation to ensure that you get the medication and treatment that you require.

As well as offering clinic tests we can also collect samples in the comfort of your own home using our mobile clinic and postal tests. This means that you can escape the need to visit clinics completely.

You can book your tests on our website by visiting our private STD test page. To find out more about any of our services, contact us today on 0161 660 2599 and

UK Think Tank criticises “Reckless” cuts to STI testing

Your Sexual Health offers convenient alternative to NHS testing

With many STIs on the rise in the UK, it’s no wonder that a public health think tank has deemed cuts to sexual health services “reckless”. The King’s Fund expressed their concern over what cuts in frontline testing might cost the NHS in the long run and Your Sexual Health tend to agree.

doctor-563428_1280“Cuts to frontline testing will inevitably lead to the need for more costly STI treatment down the line,” said Dr Rashid Bani, lead doctor at Your Sexual Health. “The NHS is already bending over backwards in trying to accommodate the many people that require testing and these cuts will not help in the slightest.”

The latest cuts come amidst an increase in syphilis cases in the UK, with records from Public Health England showing 5,920 diagnoses in 2016, up from 3001 in 2012. On top of this, the World Health Organization has recently warned of a gonorrhoea super bug that is immune to anti-biotic treatment.

Testing in a more comfortable environment

With NHS cuts to testing in cities up and down the UK many patients are leaving their STIs undiagnosed causing them to spread. Amongst the reasons for not visiting clinics are embarrassment of seeing someone that they might know and with clinic waiting times growing longer that worry will only get worse.

Luckily, there is another way. Your Sexual Health offer a completely confidential testing service in a manner that is completely convenient to you. Our private STI tests can be carried out at one of our many clinics across the UK or at an address convenient to you.

“With cuts to NHS funding, patients may struggle to find the tests that they need at a convenient time and place for them,” said Dr Bani. “Our private STI tests allow patients to gain the peace of mind that they need in a completely confidential manner.”

Find out more about the range of private STI tests on offer from Your Sexual Health and book yours today.

Could Latest Dating App Help Stop The Spread Of STDs?

NeatClub concept could help singles on the dating scene stay safe

The invention of Tinder has left many of its users exposed to STDs, but it looks like there’s an app on the way to combat the issue. It’s only in the concept phase, but NeatClub will be able to pull in a user’s STD testing history and display it to their prospective sexual partners.

STI Home TestsThe apps name is derived from the way in which it functions. If a person is STD free they will show as a “neat” glass of whisky. If they have any mixture of STDs their glass will have different props in it, such as an olive for chlamydia or a slice of lemon for HIV.

Users will have to be tested every four months in order for their results to show and remain valid. If a user has treatment for an STD they will be able to update their profile when they are given the all clear.

It’s not certain at this stage how the app will be able to verify medical information or whether it will be rolled out in the UK. That said, Your Sexual Health’s Dr Rashid Bani believes the app is a great way to ensure those on the dating scene don’t catch sexually transmitted infections.

“There are a number of questions about how the app will work, but the concept is great as it will reduce the risk of STDs spreading and increase testing rates,” Dr Bani said. “Nonetheless, anyone who has multiple sexual partners should always wear protection to ensure they don’t catch STDs.”

There’s no timeline on when the app will be created, but it should change the way that people share their sexual health information for the better. In the meantime it’s important that you are tested regularly for STDs if you’ve had multiple sexual partners since your last test.

Private STD Testing from Your Sexual Health

Your Sexual Health offer a range of privates STD tests that are available anywhere in the UK. We operate in clinics or from our home visits or postal service to offer accurate laboratory tested results in a confidential and convenient manner.

You can see our full range of private STD tests and book your appointment on site today.

GUM research highlights the need for better STD testing services


According to research carried out by New Scientist magazine it is getting harder to access sexual health services in the UK. A large number of genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics failed to meet government standards for seeing patients who were exhibiting symptoms of STDs leaving the potential for people going undiagnosed.

Government guidelines state that 98% of people should receive an appointment within 48 hours of contacting a clinic. But when researchers pretending to have symptoms attempted to book appointments, less than 91% of them were seen within the two day window. In 2014 the figure was 95%, showing that NHS STD testing is further failing to meet the needs of patients.

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Government make sex education compulsory for more pupils


The government is making sex and relationship education compulsory in all schools across England. The classes will start with lessons about safe and healthy relationships for children aged four and up before teaching about the practice of safe-sex at an older more appropriate age.

Currently academies and free schools are not bound by the same obligations of local authority schools and therefore some do not teach these vital life lessons. The new rule will mean that all schools will now have to follow the curriculum on this particular subject, however parents can still opt out.

Sex education important

The new framework will mean that all students are aware of the precautions that need to be taken to ensure safe sex. Your Sexual Health’s Dr Rashid Bani believes that these new lessons will make more people aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections and in the long run it will reduce prevalence.

“Educating children at a younger age will only be a good thing,” said Dr Bani. “By ensuring that every child knows about the risks of unprotected sex it will reduce the spread of STDs for generations to come.”

As well as educating about avoiding STDs, Dr Bani also believes that it is important to emphasise the importance of taking regular STD tests. He said: “Getting an STD is one thing, but it is also important for young children growing up to understand the importance of receiving regular STD tests.”

“There can sometimes be a lot of embarrassment around receiving STD tests, but by educating children in a way that removes this embarrassment schools can reduce the spread of STDs and improve testing rates for generations to come.”

Confidential private STD testing

Here at Your Sexual Health we offer a range of private STD tests that allow patients to get tested in a way that is most comfortable to them. We have a range of clinics located across the country, whilst our home visits and postal tests mean that patients can now deposit samples at a private location.

“STDs continue to be a public health issue across Britain and anything that helps educate about their dangers is a good thing,” said Dr Bani. “It’s important that whatever age, people are receiving the tests they need. Our service allows people to receive confidential private STD tests in a setting that is comfortable for them.”

Private STD Testing vs. GUM Clinics

We look at the pros and cons of choosing to visit a private STI clinic

If you’re sexually active and you’ve had more than one partner in the last six months then you’re amongst a group of people who should take an STI test. Without regular testing many sexually transmitted infections can go undetected for months or years, meaning they get passed from person to person without knowledge. In this blog we look at the reasons why you might want to visit a private STI clinic for your next test.


More discreet and confidential

One of the benefits of choosing Your Sexual Health is that the service is more discreet and confidential than when visiting a clinic. We’ll notify you of your results via your preferred contact method and the tests – whether positive or negative – won’t go on your medical record meaning the only people who will know about them are you and us.

More convenience

Booking a private STI test with Your Sexual Health could not be more convenient. All that you have to do is find a clinic, book your appointment slot and turn up to deposit your samples. When you visit an NHS clinic you’ll often have to wait for an unspecified amount of time. You’ll also have to fill out a bunch of paperwork every time you visit.

Less chance of an awkward encounter

As if sitting in a room full of teenagers waiting for free condoms wasn’t bad enough, you might also see someone you didn’t want to at an NHS clinic. Regularly getting tested is important and if you’re the type to be put off by an awkward encounter then you should probably think about going private rather than letting your STDs go undetected. Whatever testing option you choose, no one knows why you’re getting tested and there’s less hanging around waiting to be seen.

More options with a private STI clinic

When you choose private STI testing you have more testing options. With Your Sexual Health you can book an appointment at over 20 clinic locations across the country so all you have to do is turn up to deposit your samples. Our home visits service allows us to bring the clinic to you and we can offer tests at any address across the UK, from Land’s End to John O’Groats. We also offer a postal test service where we post the containers and you return the samples to our laboratory.

National HIV Testing Week Boosts awareness of disease


Book a 100% confidential private HIV test with Your Sexual Health

Saturday marked the start of National HIV Testing Week (NHTW), an awareness drive started by sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust and HIV Prevention England. The event is aimed at promoting the need for HIV testing to gay and bisexual men, and black African men and women – a combined group of people who make up 70% of those living with HIV in the UK.

It is thought that one in six people in the UK are HIV positive and have no knowledge that they have the condition. At Your Sexual Health we regularly come into contact with patients who are too embarrassed to visit their local sexual health clinic for fear that they may see someone they know. Luckily our service offers an alternative that is 100% confidential and leaves no trace on your health record. Continue reading

Private STI Clinics in London from Your Sexual Health

Get accurate and confidential STI testing in the capital

Are you looking for confidential and convenient STD tests in the capital? Your Sexual Health have extended their range of private STI clinics in London. New additions include a clinic near Liverpool Street station and a new Essex clinic in South Woodford. This takes the total number of private STI clinics in London to five, whilst we also have a location north of the capital in Watford. This blog will make it easier for you to find the clinic that’s easiest for you.

london_thames_sunset_panorama_-_feb_2008Our Private STI Clinics – London

All of our private STI clinics in London offer a 100% confidential testing service for a range of conditions including HIV and chlamydia. Our appointment service means that your wait times are minimised, in contrast to NHS walk-in clinics which are often busy. Find out more about these clinics below or book a private STD test today.

London – Regents Park

Our Regent’s Park clinic is located on Devonshire Street, just 5 minutes’ walk away from Regent’s Park tube station in the Marylebone area of London. Pay and display roadside parking is also available for those driving in the city.

London – Canary Wharf

Our Canary Wharf STD clinic is ideal for those working in the city of London. The clinic is in a discreet location by the South Dock in the shadows of Canada square. Nearby transport links include South Quay DLR and Canary Wharf tube station.

London – Wimpole Street

The private STI clinic on Wimpole Street is located just a short walk from Oxford Circus tube station, which makes it ideal for many people working or living in central London. Road side parking is also available outside the clinic for those arriving by car.

London – Victoria Avenue

Victoria Avenue is one of our most recent clinic additions and is located near Liverpool Street Station making it extremely convenient for nearby residents and people who work nearby. Its close proximity to the station also makes it ideal for anyone who commutes to the capital via Liverpool Street.

London – Essex

Located in South Woolford, our Essex clinic is easily accessible by the London Underground network with the nearest station being South Woodford. There is also roadside parking, whilst its location North of London makes it easier to access by car that many of our other private STI clinics in London.


Our Watford clinic is easily accessible for patients living the north of London and is more easily accessible that our city centre clinics. The clinic is located on St Albans Road, with roadside parking available for those arriving by car.

Book your appointment today

You can find out more about all of our private STI clinics in London and across the UK by visiting the clinic pages. To find out more about the tests on offer browse our site or contact us today on 0161 6602599.