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How Do You Catch Gonorrhoea?

Also known as ‘the clap’, gonorrhoea is the second-most common STD in the UK after chlamydia. But, with so many active cases in 2024, how do you protect yourself against an infection? Our resident Medical Director, Dr Rashid Bani, is here to help. But first, how do you catch gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea is spread via contact with an infected person’s genital fluids, so you can catch the infection via:

  • Unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex
  • Touching the genital region of an infected person, and then touching your own (and vice versa)
  • Sharing sex toys that haven’t been washed between uses, or sharing sex toys without using protection
  • Tribbing/tribadism (where two people rub genitals together)

Read on to learn how gonorrhoea is spread, if you can catch it from kissing or a toilet seat, as well as answers to your commonly asked questions…

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