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Home STD Tests from Your Sexual Health

Get tested against a wide range of common sexually transmitted infections without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. We'll send a sample collection kit to your door along with a prepaid envelope to return it to the laboratory. Browse our range of products below and book your test today.


Our Profile tests allow you to get tested for multiple conditions using the same sample. These are great for people requiring complete peace of mind against all possible sexually transmitted infections. If you’re unsure of the best STD home test for your needs, contact our team of experts today.


Our Individual tests can diagnose one or two conditions at a time and are excellent for anyone who believes they’ve come into contact with a particular condition. Contact our experts to help find the most suitable test for you.


Here at Your Sexual Health we offer a range of home STD test sample collections kits. This means you can gain laboratory results without the need to visit a clinic. This is our most discreet service, with you taking the tests in the comfort of your own home before posting your sample back to us.

Unlike many at home STD tests, such as those found on online marketplaces, our results offer the same accuracy as clinic testing. This means that once you receive your results you can use them to gain treatment, either through our partner medical organisation or through your own GP.



1. Order your Home STD Test

Choose from our wide range of home STD tests above and complete the quick order process.


2. Deposit Your Samples

We'll send you a sample collection kit along with detailed instructions on how to deposit your sample.


Return Your Sample

Package your sample and return it to the laboratory in the prepaid envelope provided.

4. Get Your Results

Once your sample has been tested, we'll notify you of your results immediately.


Our Home STD Testing service works exactly the same as our laboratory testing, but with one key difference in that your sample is collected by you in the comfort of your own home.

All you have to do is deposit your sample (urine, blood or swab) and post it back to our laboratory. We give you all of the equipment that you need to complete the test, including full detailed instructions and a prepaid return envelope.

Once you’ve deposited your sample, simply package it in the envelope and put it in the post box. As soon as it’s received by our laboratory we’ll begin working on your results. These will then be communicated with you on our online portal.

Some of our Home STD Tests require a blood sample to gain your results. This can be collected in the comfort of your own home and we’ll provide you with all of the equipment that you need. This includes: –

  • A lancet – a sterile tool to create a small cut in the end of your finger
  • Anti-bacterial hand wipes to clean the finger before and the cut after
  • Plasters – to ensure the small cut heals
  • A sample tube which contains a serum to preserve the blood on its way to the laboratory

All you have to do is prick your finger with the lancet and let the drops of blood collect in the lancet. This usually takes 5 – 10 minutes and full instructions are included with all test kits.

The length of time that your home STD test takes to receive your results is broken down into four sections: –

  • The length of time it takes to receive your Home STD Test Kit – sent Royal Mail First Class or via our Click & Collect service the same day that your order is received.
  • The length of time it takes to deposit your sample once receiving your kit
  • The time it takes for the sample to be received by the laboratory once posted to us in the Royal Mail 1st Class Envelope
  • The time it takes to process your results, details of which can be seen on displayed on the Test Cards above as “Turnaround Time”

Overall it usually takes 3 days for your sample to be sent out and then returned to the laboratory. We’ll communicate your results through our online portal as soon as we have them.

In the case where your home STD test returns positive results, you’ll be contacted by telephone. We will also arrange a free telephone consultation with a GP from our partner medical organisation to discuss your results.

This telephone appointment will allow you to ask any questions you require about the STD to help put your mind at ease. A prescription can also be arranged if necessary so that you can get the treatment that you require in a timely manner.

Although no medical test is 100% accurate, we use one of the leading laboratories in the country to deliver the results for all of our home STD tests.

Laboratory tests are seen as far more trustworthy and accurate when compared to a number of alternatives which claim to offer instant results and can be carried out by the patient.

All of our tests and the equipment provided to deposit your sample is CE Approved and meets all medical guidelines for testing in the UK and EU.

We understand that receiving an STD Test Kit can be embarrassing or raise questions from partners or loved ones. That’s why we’ve introduced our Click & Collect service.

Our Click & Collect service is great for anyone that may not be around to receive their home STD test kit in the post or for anyone who needs to be discreet when getting tested.

For the cost of just £3.99 we will deliver your Home STD Test Kit to a Collect+ location near to your home address. You’ll receive a text when the parcel has arrived and you can go and collect it at your home leisure.

Remember, all of our test kits are in discreet packaging, meaning no one will know what is in the package. Find out more about our Click & Collect Service here.

We realise that when ordering a Home STD Test kit to your home or workplace you may want to be discreet. Our Home STD Test Kits are delivered in discreet plain white packaging. There is no branding on the envelope and no mention of sexual health. No one will know what is in the package other than you.

We pride ourselves on delivering a discreet and confidential service from the time that your order is placed to the day that you receive your results or treatment.