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Not sure which test you need? Answer a few quick questions and we can help you find the best test options.

Q1.What Is Your Reason For Getting Tested?

Q1.What Is Your Reason For Getting Tested?

Q1b.Do you have spots, lesions or blisters affecting your genitals or face?

Q2.What Conditions Have They Warned You About?

Q3.When Was The Last Time You Had Unprotected Sex?


Find out more about our private sexual health testing service below. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team on 0161 660 2599 or using the Live Chat facility in the bottom right of the site.

Your Sexual Health’s private STD testing service is designed to offer you the maximum convenience, confidentiality and care when compared to any other STD test provider. Simply choose the test above and select either a clinic or home testing option. If you choose to visit one of our 100+ clinics nationwide you’ll need to select an appointment time that suits you and we’ll then contact you to confirm your appointment. All of our clinics are private medical facilities, which means there’s none of the busy clinic waiting rooms you might expect with NHS STD testing. A nurse or doctor will take your sample before sending it to our industry leading laboratory for testing. If you choose a home test or home visit, you’ll be able to deposit a sample in the comfort of your own home before sending it to our laboratory. For our home tests, you will take the samples yourself using a home sample collection kit. Once we have your results you’ll be notified using your preferred contact method of telephone or email. Our staff can advise on and provide information on our tests.  Our staff are not medically trained so are unable to diagnose or recommend.  If your test is positive, you should consult your doctor.  If preferred, we can recommend an independent private GP which is free of charge.

Home testing involves a kit being posted out to you to take your own samples, whilst our clinic tests involve you visiting a clinic where they will collect your sample. Learn more about home testing in our dedicated blog, How does STD home testing work? Alternatively, learn more about testing and how long it takes to get your results.

Your Sexual Health has a wide range of private STD testing options suitable for various needs. They include: - 
  • Profile Tests - These can identify multiple conditions using the same sample
  • Early Detection - These can diagnose STDs earlier than ordinary tests
  • FAST - Get your results sooner using our FAST tests
  • Individual Tests - Great for if you’re concerned about one particular STD
  • Instant Tests - Get results whilst you wait, available at select clinics.

We understand that with so much choice, choosing a test can be difficult. Feel free to browse the site so that you can understand our products a little bit more, but if you’re still struggling you can: - 
  • Answer our three step questionnaire above to find a suitable test for your needs. We’ll provide a number of recommendations based on your circumstances so that you choose a relevant test
  • Call our helpful customer services team who can explain the purpose of each test and to ensure you choose the right one. Their number is 0161 660 2599.
  • Use our Live Chat function which can be found in the bottom right hand corner of our website where one of our team will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The length of time that it takes to receive your results depends on a number of factors, including the test that you choose, the clinic you choose, and your appointment time and day.  All laboratory turnaround times are stated on the test cards. This states the time it takes to turnaround the sample from when it’s received by the laboratory.  You can find out the turnaround time that the test will take in total on our appointment booking page which factors in the time it takes for the sample to be received by the laboratory from when it is sent from the clinic. For home tests you will need to factor in the time it takes for you to receive the sample collection kit which is sent using Royal Mail First Class Post.

No test is accurate immediately after sexual exposure. All tests require a period of time to pass for bacteria to multiply to a detectable level or for your body to present an immune response to the infection. Testing before this period has passed can lead to false negatives where you believe yourself to be all clear, but in actual fact are infected. This period of time is displayed on each of our test cards as the ‘Accurate from’ time. Pay attention to this time and don’t get tested before the date unless you have symptoms.  If you do decide to get tested before this period has passed, it’s important that you retest once you reach the advised accuracy from date.

If you would like to get tested, but you don't want to use your real name you should contact our customer services team and explain your situation. This will ensure that we can process your payment under your chosen name without your payment method being rejected.

There are range of reasons why people decide to take an STD test. It's always good for your long-term sexual health to get tested regularly. Here's why: -
  • In 2017 there were 422,000 diagnoses of STDs in England alone. That means 8% of the population had an STD at some stage during that year
  • If you don't get tested and identify the STI early it is more likely to have a long-term and lasting impact on your reproductive and overall health
  • Certain STDs such as chlamydia, herpes and gonorrhoea can impact pregnancy and fertility
  • STDs are contagious and you are likely to pass it on to your sexual partners if you're unaware you're infected
  • The only way to know you have an STD is through testing as many STIs show no symptoms most of the time