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Quick STI Tests

Our fast STI testing service allows you to get results faster than our standard tests by reducing the amount of time taken in the laboratory. These tests have same day or just a oneday turnaround time upon reaching the laboratory, so you can get fast results. Choose from a home test kit or visit a clinic to get even quicker results. Browse the tests below and book now.


Do Rapid STI Tests Work?

Yes, fast turnaround tests are a reliable way of diagnosing whether you’ve been infected with an STD.  Whether you take the test at home or in a clinic, it will be analysed in a laboratory to ensure accurate results. The only reason why a fast test might return an inaccurate result is if you take it before the incubation period has passed.

How Fast After Exposure Does an STI Show Up?

This depends on the STI. For example, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can show up in as little as 14 days, so you can take a test after the 14th day. However, HIV and Hepatitis B, for example, take longer to show in the blood, so you have to wait at least 28 days after exposure to get tested. Read our How Long After Sex Should You Test For STDs blog to find out more about the incubation period for the most common STIs.

How Quick is a Quick STI Test? 

A fast STI test returns results in as little as a day once the test has reached the laboratory, sometimes the same day. If you’re looking for the fastest results possible, choose a clinic with a courier as you won’t have to wait as long for delivery to the laboratory. 

However, bear in mind that you still need to wait for 14 or 28 days (depending on the test) after exposure before you get tested as otherwise, you run the risk of a false negative test result.

What STIs Do Quick STI Tests Check For?

You can get tested for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, HIV and Syphilis with a fast turnaround test. Opt for a test that checks for one disease at a time or our Fast 6 option that checks for all 6 STDs at once.