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Private Chlamydia Tests

Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the UK, with over 400 new cases diagnosed each day according to Public Health England. Your Sexual Health offer a wide range of private chlamydia tests, allowing you to gain accurate results with a fast turnaround time. Our tests are available in clinic or as at home tests and our service is both discreet and confidential. Browse our tests below and book your appointment today.


Your Sexual Health offer a wide range of private chlamydia tests available both in clinic and at home. We offer both instant and laboratory tests, all of which deliver a fast turnaround time and accurate results that you can trust.

We have over 100 private STD clinics located nationwide, offering a discreet and confidential service that will make you feel comfortable and at ease whilst you collect your sample. We also offer a home testing service where we send a sample collection kit to your door.

Once your sample is collected it will be sent to our laboratory for testing. We use one of the most prestigious laboratories in the UK, offering a fast turnaround time. As soon as we have your results you’ll be notified using your preferred contact method and your results will be uploaded to our secure portal.

To find out more about any of our private chlamydia tests, contact our customer service team on 0161 660 2599 or by using the Live Chat Function. You can find out more about our service on our about us page or find a clinic near you using our clinic locator.


We are committed to delivering a convenient and transparent service throughout. Find out more about our chlamydia tests below or contact our customer services team with any further enquiries. For more information on chlamydia, why not visit our dedicated chlamydia information article.

What are the symptoms of chlamydia?

Most people who have chlamydia experience no symptoms, which is one of the reasons that it’s so easily passed from one person to another through unprotected sex. Indeed, the only way to know for sure if you have the condition or not is through STD testing. 

Those that do experience symptoms may however notice some of the following: – 

  • Pain when urinating
  • Unusual discharge from the vagina or penis
  • Itchy, red or swollen urethra in men
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Pain during sex, bleeding after sex or bleeding between periods for women

Although chlamydia doesn’t often show symptoms, if left untreated it can develop into more serious complications affecting sexual and reproductive health.

To find out more about chlamydia and the long term impact it can have on your health, visit our Chlamydia Advice page.

How does the service work?

Our service is straightforward and simple. Choose the private chlamydia test that you require from the list above and book your test today. Our tests are available to be taken in a clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

If you choose a clinic appointment, you’ll be able to choose from one of our 100+ clinics nationwide. All of our clinics are highly discreet. You’ll arrange a suitable appointment time and visit the clinic in order to collect a sample before it is sent to our laboratory for testing. We can carry out urine or swab chlamydia tests in our private clinics.

If you choose a home test, we’ll send the sample collection kit to your door. All you have to do is follow the instructions to collect your sample before sealing the container in the packaging provided. You’ll then return it to the laboratory in our pre-paid envelope free of charge.

Once we have your test results, they’ll be communicated to you through our secure online portal.

What kinds of private chlamydia tests are available?

We have a number of different kinds of chlamydia tests, all of which serve a different purpose. These include: – 

  • Instant tests – these are available at our flagship clinics and can offer instant results whilst you wait in the clinic. These require a swab sample.
  • Standard tests – these are laboratory tests which diagnose chlamydia and gonorrhoea and are available both in clinic and at home. 
  • Quick Turnaround tests – these offer accurate results quicker than standard tests, within 4 hours of reaching the laboratory
  • Swab tests – these are laboratory tests that can diagnose chlamydia in the throat or anus with samples collected both in clinic or at home

If you require any further information on any of our tests, contact our customer services team on 0161 660 2599 or view all available tests here.