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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following information provides the answers to your questions, ensuring you are entirely confident that Your Sexual Health will provide a confidential, reliable and rapid sexual health service to address all your needs.

Please contact us with any further queries, our friendly staff are here to help.

We have clinics located across the UK, including most major cities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This means that you shouldn’t have to travel too far for your appointment. You can find your nearest clinic location by visiting our Clinic Locator page.

If you don’t have clinics located near to you, you can still take one of our tests using our Home STD Testing service. We’ll post a sample kit to your door for you to deposit the sample at home before posting it to our laboratory. We also offer a Home Visits service where we send a mobile phlebotomist to your door.

The symptoms of sexually transmitted infections vary from person to person and many people will notice no symptoms at all. If you don’t have symptoms, the STD can still cause you health problems and you can pass it on to others. Common symptoms include: –

  • Unusual discharge from the penis, vagina or anus
  • Pain during sex or urination
  • Sores, blisters, ulcers, warts or rashes in the genital area
  • Itchiness or irritation usually localised to the urethra
  • Abnormal or unusual vaginal bleeding, especially after having sex
  • Pain in the scrotum or testicles
  • Lumps and bumps on the genitals
  • Swelling of the glands in your groin

Due to the fact that many people will notice no symptoms at all, the only way to truly know you have an STD is through testing.

STIs are very common and rates in the UK continue to rise for a number of reasons, most notably due to government budget cuts and closures to many public health services in the UK.

If you have unprotected sex with someone without using a condom, then you’re at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

Due to the fact that many STIs show no symptoms, it’s quite common for people to pass on a sexually transmitted infection without knowing they have one themselves.

For this reason it’s important to get tested regularly and always use a condom if you’re having sex with someone in a new relationship.

No STI test is accurate immediately after exposure to a sexually transmitted infection. Our tests require the virus or bacteria to multiply within your body to a detectable level or they require your body to create antibodies in response to the STI.

The time that this takes is known as the window period for testing. This period varies depending on the test that you’re taking with details displayed as ‘Accurate From’ on the test pages and cards.

The only exception to these times is if you have clear and obvious symptoms to an STD in your genital area. If you are unsure whether you can get tested yet, contact our customer services team on 0161 660 2599.

There are many reasons to get tested for an STD and each person has there own reasons, including: –

  • Having symptoms that could be associated with an STD
  • Starting a new relationship and want to make sure you’re all clear before having unprotected sex
  • Routine testing to maintain good sexual health
  • Having unprotected sex with someone for the first time or who you do not know
  • If a previous sexual partner has let you know they have an STD
  • STD testing for work or visa requirements
  • STD testing before beginning IVF or trying for a baby
  • If you’ve slept with a sex worker or you are a sex worker yourself

By testing with Your Sexual Health you’ll be guaranteed a more convenient service, with faster results than the NHS. Many of our tests are more comprehensive than those offered on the NHS, giving you a complete picture of your health.

The test that you require depends on your own personal circumstances, with the time since your exposure and your required turnaround time taken into account.

We have a Test Finder on our home page and All Tests page which will help you choose or for a more detailed recommendation you can speak to our customer services team for more information.

Your Sexual Health is a 100% confidential service, with the only people aware of your test being you, the clinic and our laboratory. Your results are communicated through our online portal which you will create a login for when you purchase your test.

Should you need to receive treatment for an STD we will refer you to our partner medical organisation. We will always request your permission before doing so.

We keep no record of your results once you’ve been tested and they will not be added to your NHS medical records unless you specifically request them. All of our results and customer details are deleted following a period of time where we will no longer reasonably need them to complete the service.

This ranges from a few hours to a few days. It depends on the tests booked. A smooth and efficient approach from Your Sexual Health will ensure there are no unnecessary delays for you to obtain your results.

The turnaround times for your test depend on the test that you’re taking and range from 15 minutes to 5 days. You can see all turnaround times on our tests page, but you must also account for the time it takes your test to reach the laboratory.

Our tests are sent to the laboratory using a courier (1-2 days) or via Royal Mail First Class post, which can take up to 2 business days from when the sample is posted.

Example 1

Profile 1 turnaround time is 4 days upon reaching the lab
Sent by a courier it will take less than 24 hours
Total turnaround time is 5 days*

Example 2

Profile 1 turnaround time is 4 days upon reaching the lab
Sent Royal Mail 1st class, it could take 2 working days
Potential total turnaround time is 6 working days*

*All turnaround times used are based on information provided by our laboratory. They may be faster than described or on rare occasions may take longer in certain circumstances.

If you are unsure of the turnaround time associated with your test or you require a quick turnaround it is best to discuss your needs directly with our customer services team.

The Your Sexual Health team can advise you on our tests and products, we cannot however offer medical advice. On some occasions we may speak to a doctor on your behalf to gain more clarity about your situation and what may be the best product for your circumstances, but we will not offer you advice about your medical condition.

Our staff can advise on and provide information on our tests. Our staff are not medically trained so are unable to diagnose or recommend. If your test is positive, you should consult your doctor. If preferred, we can recommend an independent private GP which is free of charge.

Yes. Prescriptions can be arranged through our partner medical organisation for any positive tests taken with Your Sexual Health.

No. Our service is completely confidential between Your Sexual Health, the laboratory and yourself. Should your test return a positive result we will refer you to our partner medical organisation for treatment and a consultation.

No. If you require the results to be on your NHS record you can communicate them with your GP, but we will not pass them on to anyone without your permission.

Our team is here to advise you of our tests so you can make an informed choice. Furthermore, should you need any assistance with your appointment, or require help finding your clinic or you have any questions before you receive your results, our customer services team will be able to help you.

Yes. Our team are on hand to explain your results and talk you through what they mean. If you require it, we can recommend an independent private GP to you at no extra cost.

Try to avoid having sex or practice safe sex, this should be done at all times irrespective of your results. If you believe you have an STD, because you’ve got symptoms or because someone has told you that you might have caught it from them, then you should avoid having sex at all until you are all clear.

Find out more about sexual health on our STI advice articles or by browsing our blog.

Home testing involves a kit being posted out to you to take your own samples, whilst our clinic tests involve you visiting a clinic where they will collect your sample.