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Same Day STD Testing – Instant Comprehensive Test

Screen for six commonly-found STDs and get your results while you wait at a clinic near you

Our same day instant STD test allows you to screen against a comprehensive range of STIs and get the results within half an hour. When you choose our same day STD tests, your samples are collected and tested at the clinic itself. Diagnose HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and both forms of herpes on the same clinic visit with the same blood and swab samples. Our same day STD test costs:

  • Clinic test£399

    Visit a private STD clinic to deposit your sample

  • Accurate from 28 days

    This is the amount of time you must wait from exposure to testing

Collection methods:

Blood Swab

Tests for

Chlamydia Gonorrhoea HIV Syphilis Herpes Simplex I/II (Current & Past Infection)

Who is This Test For?

This test is for anyone who wants peace of mind against all of the most common sexually transmitted infections, but doesn’t want to wait for laboratory gained results. Our Instant Test range allows you to diagnose your condition whilst you wait. Your swabs will be tested at the clinic location, and you will have your results in under an hour. 

Same Day Turnaround Times

This test gains accurate results against all of the conditions above in less than an hour. We are able to get lightning-quick results as we have testing equipment at our clinics. In the event of a positive test against the blood sample, it will be taken to our laboratory for confirmatory viral load testing, free of charge.

When Can I Take a Same Day STD Test?

This test offers accurate results from 28 days after exposure. If you’d like to find out more about the typical incubation periods for common STDs, read our recent blog post.

If you believe there is a possibility that you came into contact more recently, our early detection screens may be more useful, which can offer accurate testing results after just 14 days. If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about our STD testing options, contact our customer services team.

Get Same Day STD Testing With Your Sexual Health

For those of you looking to diagnose common STDs with quick, same day results, book an Instant Comprehensive Profile test. If you have any questions about the testing options, or have any questions, get in touch with our team.

Clinic Test Procedure

As this is an Instant Test, offering same day testing results, this test is only available by visiting one of our specially selected clinics. You’ll be assisted by a nurse or doctor in collecting your sample, before they test them using the latest state-of-the-art testing panels.

1. Book Your Instant Test

To book this test, simply press the ‘Select This Test’ button above. You’ll then be taken to our booking page where you can choose the closest clinic that offers instant testing results.

2. Arrive at Your Chosen Clinic

Our clinics are all based in a discreet setting and because many of them are general health clinics, there’s no reason anyone will know that you’re there for a sexual health screening. Just let the receptionist know who you are upon arrival, and a nurse practitioner will meet you and collect your sample.

3. Your Blood Sample

The Instant Comprehensive test requires a blood and swab sample for accurate results. The blood sample is a simple finger prick sample which is then dropped on the panels before we add the reagent to it.

4. Your Swab Sample

For men this involves a urethral swab and for women this requires a high vaginal swab. Most of our clinics require you to take the sample yourself, but you will be given full instructions upon arrival at the clinic. Women may also be required to give a urine sample.

5. Receiving Your Same Day STD Test Results

Once you’ve deposited your samples you’ll be asked to wait in the clinic waiting room whilst the reagent has time to react to your blood and swab samples. For the Comprehensive Test, STD results can take up to 60 minutes. The nurse or doctor will then notify you of your test results.

Why Choose Us?

Nearest clinics

These are the nearest clinics where this test is available.

London - Tower Bridge

Shad Thames, Courage Yard, London. SE1 2NJ
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments

The Tower Bridge private sexual health clinic is located on the south bank adjacent to Tower Bridge in the Courage Yard shopping precinct. The clinic is ideally located in between London Bridge and Bermondsey underground stations.

London - Canary Wharf

Meridian Place, Isle of Dogs, London. E14 9FE
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments

Situated in West London, Your Sexual Health has a private STD clinic in the Canary Wharf area of the capital. The clinic is easily accessible from all public transport hubs, including Canary Wharf tube station and both South Quay and Crossharbour DRL.

London - Canning Town

Minnie Baldock Street, Canning Town. E16 1YE
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments

The private clinic location in Canning Town is situated perfectly for anyone who uses the tube regular as it's just a short walk from Canning Town Tube Station on the Jubilee Line and DLR.