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London – Canary Wharf

Meridian Place, Isle of Dogs, London. E14 9FE
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What To Expect From Your Private Sexual Health Clinic In London, Canary Wharf

If you have noticed the signs of HPV, Chlamydia, or any other STD, our private STD clinic can help you. Your Sexual Health offers a discreet and confidential STD testing service in London’s Canary Wharf. 

If you’re worried that you may have a sexually transmitted infection, then book your tests with us today. We offer a 100% confidential and professional service at every appointment, and a medical professional will be able to assist you in depositing your samples effectively. We offer a comfortable clinic setting, with no inconvenient waiting room times.

Where To Find Our STD Clinic in London, Canary Wharf

Situated in West London, we have a comfortable private STD clinic in Canary Wharf. The clinic is easily accessible from all public transport hubs, including Canary Wharf tube station and both South Quay and Crossharbour DLR. You will find us at Meridian Place, which is ten minutes walk from the tube station. We also have private sexual health clinics near Regent’s Park and in Harrow.

Following Your Tests

Once you’ve deposited your sample, it will be sent to our London laboratory for testing. As soon as we know your results, you’ll be notified using your preferred contact method of either telephone or email. We aim to get them to you as soon as we have the results. 

In the unfortunate event that your results come back positive, these can be discussed and actioned by your own GP.  We can also recommend an independent private GP service if you prefer who can discuss your circumstances and manage further as required. This service will be free of charge to you. We’re the only online private STD testing provider to offer this level of service.


On average, instant STD tests are 90% accurate in terms of sensitivity (ability to detect a true positive) and 96% accurate in terms of specificity (how reliable a positive result is).  We offer instant STD testing at our private Sexual Health clinic in London, Canary Wharf. To read more about instant STD test accuracy, read our dedicated blog

No, some STDs don’t show symptoms and can go undetected, which can cause issues later on. Some STDs with no symptoms are Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Find out more about what STDs don’t show symptoms in our recent blog.

The results of some STDs can have a life-changing impact on you and your baby. HIV and gonorrhoea can increase the risk of miscarriage or preterm delivery. STDs, such as syphilis, can cause health complications to your baby, including infections in the heart, eyes, and brain.  Read more about this in our blog ‘Can STDs Cause Infertility Or Pregnancy Complications’.