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How Accurate are Instant STD Tests?

Test tubes

If you’re short on time but are worried about your sexual health, an instant STD test could be a great option with results in as little as an hour. But, are they accurate and reliable? In this blog, our experts explain how instant STD tests work and how accurate tests are for common STDs like Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Herpes. 

So, how accurate are instant STD tests? On average, instant STD tests are 90% accurate in terms of sensitivity (ability to detect a true positive) and 96% accurate in terms of specificity (how reliable a positive result is). These figures are comparable with STD tests but offer a quicker service for those with busy schedules.

Read on to learn more about instant STI tests and how accurate they are for a range of common STIs.

Are Instant STI Tests Reliable?

Instant STI tests solve a number of problems for individuals that are short on time but worried about their sexual health. Such tests allow individuals to receive results in minutes rather than days and begin treatment immediately, but, how accurate are they? Are they just as accurate as regular STI tests?

On average, instant STI tests are 90% reliable in terms of sensitivity, and 96% reliable in terms of specificity. This means;

  • Sensitivity – how well an instant STD test detects true positives (the percentage of cases with correctly identified STIs, therefore few false negative results)
  • Specificity – how well an instant STD test identifies an individual without the infection as negative, few false positives)