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What is Oral Gonorrhoea & Does it Clear On its Own?

Gonorrhoea is one of the most common STDs in the UK. It is usually found on the genitals, however, it is also possible to get the infection in your mouth, throat, eye, or anus. In this article, our resident Medical Director, Dr Bani, explains everything you need to know. But, first things first, what is oral gonorrhoea?

Oropharyngeal gonorrhoea, also known as oral gonorrhoea, is an infection of gonococcus bacteria in the mouth. Symptoms typically include a sore throat, redness, swelling of the lymph nodes, and a high temperature. The infection is spread through oral sex with someone carrying the bacteria.

Read on to find out more about oral gonorrhoea, the symptoms of the infection, treatment options, and answers to your commonly asked questions.

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Find out more about gonorrhoea by reading our comprehensive online guide: Gonorrhoea – What You Need To Know.

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