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Chlamydia on a man

What Does Chlamydia Look Like on a Man?

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5 STIs That Affect Male Fertility

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Is Male Discharge Normal?

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Chlamydia In Men: Everything You Need To Know

According to 2018 figures from Public Health England, a higher percentage of young men tested positive for chlamydia compared to women. Despite this, the number of young men getting tested was half of the number of women …

Red Sore On Penis – What Could It Mean?

If you notice a red sore on your penis, it can often be concerning and embarrassing. There are a number of potential causes, all of which have subtle differences in appearance, but major differences in prognosis and treatment …

Itchy Urethra or Penis – The Potential Causes

Itchiness affecting the penis can cause serious discomfort and affect your day to day life whether it be an itchy urethra or itchiness across the entire genital region. It can also be the cause of embarrassment when trying to relieve your symptoms …

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Gardnerella Vaginallis in Men

Gardnerella vaginallis is a bacteria that can cause bacterial vaginosis. Despite gardnerella mainly affecting women it can still be passed to men as a colonisation within the male urethra …