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What is Usually the First Sign Of HIV?

A photo of HIV cells

Can HIV be Misdiagnosed for Another STD?

Testing for HIV in a lab

How Accurate is an HIV Early Detection Test?

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Can you test for an STD while on your period?

World HIV Day

Since the first known case of HIV in 1959 in Congo, HIV has swept the whole world and killed over 35 million people. This is almost double the population of the Netherlands, which is highly painful to comprehend …

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How long after sex do STI symptoms appear?

Couple in bed

Are there any STDs with no symptoms?

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10 STD Myths You Should Stop Believing

Do STIs Always Show Symptoms?

Everything your need to know about PrEP

PrEP or Pre Exposure Prophylaxis is a drug which reduces the risk of contracting HIV by 90% or more. Following success in the US, a limited trial has been released in England and the drug is due to be fully accessible by 2020 …

5 Ways in Which The Government Can Meet Its 2030 HIV Pledge

The Health & Social Care Secretary has announced a pledge to end new HIV transmissions in the UK by 2030. Speaking at the AIDSfree Cities Global Forum last week, Matt Hancock set out plans to achieve the government’s goal …


MP Reveals HIV Diagnosis ahead of World AIDS Day

A Labour MP opened up about his HIV diagnosis in commons yesterday in a special parliamentary debate ahead of World AIDS Day. In an impassioned speech the Brighton Kemptown MP …