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Could men be more embarrassed than women about STIs?

According to the University of Huddersfield, men are more reluctant to visit their local GUM clinic than women. The Yorkshire university conducted a survey which found that many of their male students were either too embarrassed to visit the student clinic or weren’t fully aware of the widespread threat from STIs.

The research came after the clinic noticed a rise in cases of chlamydia this year, but just a third of those who got tested were male. In order to combat the issue the clinic has been forced to set-up a promotional campaign in an effort to drive up testing numbers and reduce the number of STIs spread between students at the university.

Discreet testing with no embarrassment

Your Sexual Health’s STI specialist, Dr Rashid Bani believes that this is representative of universities across the UK. He said: “One of the main causes for people not getting the STI tests that they require is embarrassment and it’s not just students who are affected. The thought of visiting a sexual health clinic and seeing someone that you know is often too much for people to handle.”

Luckily, there is a better way. If you’re someone who desperately needs an STI test then Your Sexual Health could hold the answer. We have a range of private STI tests at private clinic locations across the UK, whilst our home visit and postal STI testing options allow us to bring the clinic to you.

At Your Sexual Health we pride ourselves on offering a 100% confidential service where the only people who will know about your test are you and us. Whatever your circumstances, our private STI tests offer accurate laboratory tested results allowing you to get the treatment that you require in a timely manner and prevent the spread of STIs to your future sexual partners.