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Do you know how accurate your STD home test is?

Have you ever purchased a cheap STD home test online and wondered how accurate it is? Why would you even risk an incorrect result? When it comes to diagnosing STDs, including HIV and chlamydia an accurate result should be the number one priority to ensure you don’t pass any infection on to your future or current sexual partners.

Many tests available online are largely unregulated and often fail to show the accurate result. When it comes to purchasing home STD kits you need to know for sure that you’re getting the correct result, rather than simply the result you want to hear. To get a fully accurate reading you should always opt for an STD test that provides laboratory testing like those on offer from Your Sexual Health.

Accurate STD Home Tests

All of the STD home tests that we offer provide you with a 100% accurate result gained from our laboratories. We post our tests out the day we receive the order and will aim to get them with you the next day so that you can put your mind at rest. You can then return the samples in a pre-paid envelope that will be shipped to our labs.

We will also soon be offering a mobile STD testing package which will allow you to gain the results you need in an even quicker fashion. This means you can gain fast and accurate mobile STD testing at a location which you are comfortable. This can be at home, work or a neutral location.

Don’t fall for instant result tests

Each of our tests is clearly sold with an accurate turnaround time so that you know exactly where you stand. We also offer clear advice on how long any potential sexually transmitted disease will need to incubate before showing up on out home STD tests. Many companies won’t offer this advice, leaving the patient mistakenly thinking they’ve got the all clear. Surely an accurate reading is worth the wait.

To find out more about the STD home tests on offer from Your Sexual Health browse our site. You’ll also find some of our tests on Amazon. If you see the Your Sexual Health logo you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive an accurate test result without us pulling any punches.