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GUM research highlights the need for better STD testing services

According to research carried out by New Scientist magazine it is getting harder to access sexual health services in the UK. A large number of genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics failed to meet government standards for seeing patients who were exhibiting symptoms of STDs leaving the potential for people going undiagnosed.

Government guidelines state that 98% of people should receive an appointment within 48 hours of contacting a clinic. But when researchers pretending to have symptoms attempted to book appointments, less than 91% of them were seen within the two day window. In 2014 the figure was 95%, showing that NHS STD testing is further failing to meet the needs of patients.

The figures were even worse for the researchers who pretended to have no symptoms, with them receiving appointments less than 75% of the time within the 48 hour window. Often these routine appointments were simply instructions to turn up at a clinic and wait in line.

Private STD testing offers an alternative

If you dread the idea of visiting your NHS GUM clinic regarding a suspected STD or simply for a routine check, private STD testing could provide a solution according to Your Sexual Health’s Dr Rashid Bani.

“These latest figures are just another signal that NHS STD testing continues to be in decline,” he said. “Many patients have anxiety and embarrassment about attending these clinics and clearly, little is being done to combat this issue. Luckily, the private STD testing options that Your Sexual Health has available can help ensure these patients get the tests they require in more comfortable surroundings.”

Your Sexual Health offer a range of private STD testing packages available at clinics across the UKor in the comfort of patients’ own home. Our service is completely confidential and because we offer a private service you don’t even have to use a real name.

We have individual tests which can diagnose specific conditions if you suspect you have been infected, whilst our profile tests allow you to treat a range of conditions using just one sample. Browse our site to find a test that you find suitable for your needs or contact us today to discuss any of our tests.