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Loose Women celeb encourages husband to have extra marital sex

Your Sexual Health reminds couples to practice safe sex

Celebrity Saira Khan stunned viewers of Loose Women this week by admitting that she had told her husband he could sleep with other women. The former Apprentice runner-up made the revelation due to her distinct lack of libido, explaining that she’ll often do anything she can to get out of sex.

Despite her lack of interest in the bedroom though she explained that she still loved husband Steven Hyde dearly. It’s doubtful that her suggestion was a serious one, but Dr Rashid Bani from Your Sexual Health doesn’t think this situation is uncommon, but it does have its dangers.

Take the precautions

“It’s not unusual for couples to lose their libido at various stages of their marriage,” said Dr Bani. “Couples often find their way out of these phases, but it’s also not unheard of for them to begin an open relationship. Obviously this will come with its pitfalls and people need to remember to take the necessary precautions.

“Obviously when couples are enjoying a faithful marriage the need for condoms becomes non-existent and they get out of the routine. If you come to sleeping with new sexual partners – whether you’ve got consent from your marital partner or not – it might not be as easy as you think to get back into that routine of buying condoms and remembering to wear them during sex.”

Private STI Testing from Your Sexual Health

This celebrity admission is the latest news article to bring extra marital sex into the public eye with a number of newspapers covering the story. The growing popularity of dating sites that encourage married people to stray has also been well-publicised in recent times, something Dr Bani believes could see a boom in STIs in married couples.

“With new dating sites that encourage people to have extra marital affairs it’s now easier than ever to have extra marital relationships,” he said. “This could lead to a rise in STIs amongst married couples, one half of which may be completely unaware. Discreet private STI tests allow individuals to get checked out in a confidential setting without endangering their partner’s sexual health.”

Your Sexual Health provide private STI tests for a range of diseases including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and private HIV tests. They specialise in offering a discreet and confidential service with testing available at a range of private sexual health clinics across the UK.