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Research shows that unsafe sex is biggest global risk

According to research published by The Lancet medical journal this week, unsafe sex is now the biggest risk to girls’ health across the world. The study, which relied on research across the globe, including in developing nations and the western world, also found it was the second biggest risk to boys’ health.

A rising public health threat

The study shows that the threat of unsafe sex has risen at a huge amount since the 1990s. Dr Rashid Bani, lead practitioner for Your Sexual Health, believes the research highlights that more needs to be done on an international level to improve the situation.

“The fact that these figures continue to rise despite the availability of more global medical knowledge and resources is quite shocking,” said Dr Bani. “Indeed this is a problem in all walks of life and here in Britain the government could maybe play their part in improving rising teenage pregnancy figures and the risk of STIs.”

The paper listed many various factors that contributed to the global health issue, which proved that this was a problem across all cultures. Social media, and the pressures that it can instil on young people was among the factors. Other contributors included misguided sex education; the global problem of forced marriage and war.

Private STI Tests from Your Sexual Health

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