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STI crisis beckons due to cuts to public STI services

More people could turn to private STI clinics to get the answers they need

Experts are predicting that the UK is heading towards a “sexual health crisis” due to public sector cuts to STI testing services. With STD clinic waiting times expected to go up and longer turnaround times to be expected, private STD testing services like Your Sexual Health are now the best option for patients who need test results fast.

STDs on the rise

A number of sexual health organisations made the prediction of future problems amidst a rise in certain STDs in the UK. Gonorrhoea cases rose by 10% during 2015 with 41,193 cases reported throughout the year, according to Public Health England. The body also found that the STD was disproportionately prevalent amongst gay men, with 21% being affected.

Other findings included a 76% rise in cases of syphilis since 2012 with 5,288 people diagnosed with the condition in 2015. Despite the rise in certain sexually transmitted infections, only 13% of young men and 32% of young women were tested during 2015. Dr Rashid Bani from Your Sexual Health thinks these low test rates could be due to poor NHS services.

“Local authorities aren’t offering the sexual health service they should be doing,” said Dr Bani. “People are having to endure long clinic waiting times and even longer turnaround times. With the likelihood of bumping into someone you know at these clinics also relatively high, many people would rather just not know rather than get tested.”

Confidential private STD testing from Your Sexual Health

Luckily Your Sexual Health provide a 100% confidential private STD test service that includes both clinic tests and STI home tests. Our results are gained in laboratories, making them almost 100% accurate. We also offer a free telephone consultation service and a prescription service with all positive tests.

To find out more about the benefits of undergoing a private STD test with your sexual health or to visit one of our private STD clinics, browse our site today or call us on 0161 660 2599.