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STIs more prevalent amongst Tinder users

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According to recent research from a British pharmaceutical company, you’re more likely to have a sexually transmitted infection if you’re active on the popular dating app, Tinder. The shocking statistics showed that over 75% of Tinder users had had an STI, whilst only 38% of those not on the site had been infected.

Medexpress’ research highlights the fact that many people are ignoring the necessary sexual precautions in the digital age of dating. Their findings showed that the most highly contracted STIs amongst Tinder users were genital warts, followed by herpes and chlamydia. Other prevalent conditions included gonorrhoea and trichomaniasis.

Better to be safe than sorry

The general rule when it comes to practicing safe sex should always be that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Protection should always be worn with first time partners as a precaution, even they declare themselves to be STI free.

Although the study was not completely conclusive due to the relatively small sample size, it offered some insight into the risks of unprotected casual sex. Tinder had previously been blamed for contributing to higher levels of sexually transmitted diseases by the US state of Rhode Island, which has seen a rise in HIV since the invention of the app.

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