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Demand for sexual health services up as government spending is cut

Figures show that a record number of people accessed sexual health services during 2017 whilst funding for the service continued to be cut.

According to reports over 3.3 million people in the UK visited a GUM clinic which represents a 13% increase since 2013.

Despite this increase, the government announced a £600 million cut to public health spending throughout the year leaving many councils now struggling to cope with the demand.

Half of UK councils to cut sexual health funding

According to a BBC report, around half of UK councils will be forced to make direct cuts to sexual health services in the coming years.

Many health professionals are encouraged by the growth in people now getting tested for STIs. Tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV have risen by nearly one fifth over the last four years.

However this progress might not be maintained if resources don’t meet the new demand for the services, according to Dr Rashid Bani of Your Sexual Health.

“It’s a great sign of progress that more people are getting tested, however the cuts to services will result in longer clinic wait times which will eventually lead to people putting off vital tests,” said Dr Bani.

Benefits of private STI testing

Your Sexual Health offer a private sexual health testing service that allows patients to bypass growing NHS waiting times and receive the answers that they need in a convenient manner.

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From there, simply arrive for your appointment to deposit your sample and we’ll take care of the rest.

We also offer a home visits service that brings the clinic to you, whilst our postal tests allow you to get accurate results without visiting a clinic.

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