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Government make sex education compulsory for more pupils

The government is making sex and relationship education compulsory in all schools across England. The classes will start with lessons about safe and healthy relationships for children aged four and up before teaching about the practice of safe-sex at an older more appropriate age.

Currently academies and free schools are not bound by the same obligations of local authority schools and therefore some do not teach these vital life lessons. The new rule will mean that all schools will now have to follow the curriculum on this particular subject, however parents can still opt out.

Sex education important

The new framework will mean that all students are aware of the precautions that need to be taken to ensure safe sex. Your Sexual Health’s Dr Rashid Bani believes that these new lessons will make more people aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections and in the long run it will reduce prevalence.

“Educating children at a younger age will only be a good thing,” said Dr Bani. “By ensuring that every child knows about the risks of unprotected sex it will reduce the spread of STDs for generations to come.”

As well as educating about avoiding STDs, Dr Bani also believes that it is important to emphasise the importance of taking regular STD tests. He said: “Getting an STD is one thing, but it is also important for young children growing up to understand the importance of receiving regular STD tests.”

“There can sometimes be a lot of embarrassment around receiving STD tests, but by educating children in a way that removes this embarrassment schools can reduce the spread of STDs and improve testing rates for generations to come.”

Confidential private STD testing

Here at Your Sexual Health we offer a range of private STD tests that allow patients to get tested in a way that is most comfortable to them. We have a range of clinics located across the country, whilst our home visits and postal tests mean that patients can now deposit samples at a private location.

“STDs continue to be a public health issue across Britain and anything that helps educate about their dangers is a good thing,” said Dr Bani. “It’s important that whatever age, people are receiving the tests they need. Our service allows people to receive confidential private STD tests in a setting that is comfortable for them.”