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Is it time you checked for holiday STIs?

Your Sexual Health’s private STI tests will help you check if you’re all clear

Magaluf became the latest summer party resort to report a large outbreak of chlamydia this year with many British revellers engaging in unprotected sex in the sun. The resort’s heavy drinking culture coupled with holidaymakers adopting an anything goes attitude has swamped the town’s STD clinics.

This follows a separate tourist behaviour study which examined the sexual behaviour of young people in international resorts and found Ibiza was another hotspot for holiday sex. Over half of the tourists visiting the resort had sex with at least one person. 26% of males and 14.5% of females were also found to have had sex with more than one person on their holiday.

Whilst many people might consider the prospect of holiday sex a selling point of any summer holiday, it’s important that you take the right precautions. When having sex with someone for the first time you should always wear a condom, especially if you’ve only just met that person.

Do you need to book a private STI test following your holiday?

Dr Rashid Bani from Your Sexual Health explained that it was common for people to return from abroad with STIs. He said: “It doesn’t matter what resort you visit, people are keen to let their hair down on holiday and we definitely notice a surge in holiday STIs around this time of year. The very least you should do is wear a condom. If you’ve had sex abroad though, it’s always important to get checked when you return to the UK.”

Even if you do wear a condom you should still ensure that you visit an STI clinic or purchase an STI home test when you return to the UK. Your Sexual Health offer a 100% confidential service that enables patients to get checked out without the test leaving a mark on their medical record. Our clinics also offer an appointment service meaning your won’t have to wait in any busy NHS waiting rooms.

Our STI home tests are an even more discreet service enabling customers to submit their samples in the comfort of their own. Positive tests can be actioned by your own GP.  We can also recommend an independent private GP service should you require it. To find out more about our tests, browse our site or contact us on 0161 660 2599.