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Where to Access STD Testing When Travelling

A holiday suitcase with books and sunglasses placed over it

If you’ve had an unprotected sexual encounter while on holiday, it’s a good idea to get an STD test. However, while travelling, you may not have access to your usual testing services. In this blog, our experts will discuss how to access STD testing services while you’re on holiday, how long testing takes, and what to do if your test comes back positive. 

Where can you get an STD test when travelling? If you’re travelling in the UK, you can get STD testing kits delivered to your place of stay, or you can drop into a private sexual health clinic near you. If you are outside of the UK you can visit a clinic depending on the country you are in, but you will have to follow local procedures. 

If you’ve found yourself swept away in an unexpected (and unprotected) holiday romance, you must put your health first and get tested. Keep reading to find out how you can quickly get your hands on a reliable STD testing kit.

How Long Does It Take for STD Testing Results to Come Back?

If you’ve ordered an at-home testing kit in the UK, the tests should be received by the laboratory 24 – 48 hours after they have been dropped at the postbox. Depending on the types of tests taken, results can take anywhere from four hours to five days to be processed by the lab.

If you’re after a faster result for your STD test, try our Quick Turnaround tests. These tests have just a one day turnaround time once they’ve reached the laboratory. For more information on how long testing takes, read our recent blog post.