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Which STDs Can Be Caught From Oral Sex?

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According to the CDC, 85% of sexually active adults aged 18-44 reported having oral sex at least once.

You do not need to have had penatrative sex to catch an STD, and only need to have engaged in oral sex once to risk the chance of catching one.

We all know the risks of having unprotected sex, but do you know which STDs are most commonly passed on through unprotected oral sex?

In this article we discuss some of the most commonly caught STDs from oral sex, as well as the preventative measures you can take to lower the risk of transmission. 

Can you catch an STD  from oral sex?

The NHS states that oral sex is one of the most frequent ways in which STDs are transmitted, as most can be passed on in this manner. That being said, some STDs are more commonly transmitted via oral sex than others.

Although, the use of condoms, dental dams and other barrier methods can greatly reduce the risk of catching an STD through oral sex.