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Cromar Way, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 2QE
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What to expect from our private sexual health clinic in Chelmsford

Your Sexual Health have a private STD clinic in Chelmsford, delivering discreet and confidential STD results in a comfortable setting. By booking a test with us you’ll benefit from laboratory results delivered with a lightning-quick turnaround time. Simply choose the test you require and pick an appointment time that suits you. At the clinic, you’ll be greeted by a nurse who will take your sample before sending it to the laboratory.

Where is the Chelmsford STD clinic?

Our private sexual health clinic in Chelmsford is located on Cromar Way, a business estate to the South West of the town. The clinic is easily accessible from the centre of Chelmsford, being just a 5 minute drive or an 18 minute walk from Chelmsford Station. 

Those arriving by road will access the clinic via Waterhouse Lane from the centre of town. Our Chelmsford clinic also offers excellent access to private testing for people in nearby towns, such as Braintree or Brentwood.

What happens once I’ve deposited my sample at the Chelmsford sexual health clinic?

Your sample will be sent to our laboratory for testing. We use one of the most prestigious laboratories in the UK, delivering accurate results to the highest possible standards. Once we have your results they will be communicated using your preferred method.

In the unfortunate event that your results come back positive, these can be discussed and actioned by your own GP.  We can also recommend an independent private GP service if you prefer who can discuss your circumstances and manage further as required. This service will be free of charge to you. We’re the only online private STD testing provider to offer this level of service.

Sexual Health Clinic Chelmsford FAQs

Costs for STD tests range from free to staggered pricing depending on your needs. Using chlamydia as an example, you can get tested quickly, and easily using fully confidential practices with Your Sexual Health, a clinic based on Cromar Way in Chelmsford.

Our cheapest test is £135 and we can provide you with results in as little as 2 days. The NHS offers a free service, however, it can take as many as 3 weeks to get your results.

Different STIs take different times to show symptoms, sometimes you can contract an STI and show no clear symptoms at all. Testing too early into the STI’s infection can yield false negative results. For reference, below is a general guide between the time from when you first get infected to the time it would be best to get tested:

  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea - 14 days
  • Genital Herpes - 14 days
  • HIV - 28 days
  • Hepatitis B and C - 28 days
  • Syphilis - 28 to 84 days

With this in mind, you should stay vigilant with your sexual health and be clear and honest with your sexual partners.

Only questions about your sexual health and history will be asked at your sexual health screening. This may include:

  • How many sexual partners do you have?
  • What contraception do you use (if any)?
  • Do you have any symptoms?

We are only interested in your sexual health and testing for any sexually transmitted diseases you may have. We are only gathering information to provide an informed assessment of your sexual health, however, if you find some of these questions culturally or religiously inappropriate, you can decline an answer. It should be considered best practice to answer all questions asked by our trained medical professionals.