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Abingdon Avenue, Northampton. NN1 4PA
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Onsite parking

What to expect from the private STD clinic in Northampton?

Your Sexual Health have a private STD clinic in Northampton providing a wide range of discreet and confidential STD tests. By booking a test with us you’ll benefit from a lightning fast turnaround time and laboratory results that you can trust. To book, simply choose the test that you require and pick an appointment time that suits you. All you have to do once that’s confirmed is attend the clinic to deposit your sample.

Where is the private STD clinic in Northampton?

The private STD clinic in Northampton is located on Abington Avenue in the Abington area of the town. There is roadside parking on the same street as the clinic for those arriving by road. The clinic is easily accessible from a number of roads surrounding Northampton, including the M1 making it a great clinic to visit from a number of towns and cities located in The Midlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some STI tests are provided by the National Health Service (NHS) which are free. You normally expect a 2-3 week turnaround time between the test and the result.

If this turnaround time is too long and you wish to get your results sooner, you may wish to get a private test. These are offered by Your Sexual Health and can be completed at a nearby clinic or your home. You can expect to receive your results within 2-3 days.

Whether or not you are showing symptoms of an STI, you should get tested if you have had unprotected sex with a new partner. Going through the NHS will often incur a longer wait time than with tests administered by a private clinic.

Your Sexual Health is a clinic that offers private sexual health screening that can be administered at one of our nationwide centres or by post. They aren’t free, but the results are available much quicker than through the NHS. Learn more about our comprehensive checks on our Full STI Check page.

With some tests, you can get the results and a diagnosis on the same day. Some symptoms may be too early to be able to diagnose, or not apparent at all. In these cases, blood, urine or swab tests would be administered and then sent off, with a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks.

Private practices like Your Sexual Health may offer results in as little as 2-3 days. These services are available in one of many UK-wide clinics or by post.