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Private STD clinic Swindon


Newport Street, Swindon. SN1 3DP
  • Great availability
  • Good public transport
  • Evening & weekend appointments


Your Sexual Health has a private sexual health clinic in Swindon offering a wide range of std tests against all conditions. The discreet and confidential service only requires for you to book your test at a time that suits you. Then simply arrive at your appointment to deposit your test and we will notify you of your results in a matter of days.


Our private std clinic in Swindon is to the south of the town centre on Newport Street, situated between lawn park and gardens. The clinic is a 1.3 mile walk from the station or a 5 minute taxi drive. There are a number of car parks nearby for those driving to the clinic. The Swindon clinic is situated near the M4 and is easily accessible from other towns in the surrounding area of the South west.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Sexual Health’s private STD clinic in Swindon is to the south of the town centre on Newport Street, situated between Avenue Road and Ripley Road. Call us on 0161 660 2599 or email us at info@yoursexualhealth.co.uk to find out more about our quick and easy services.

Most UK cities will offer a walk-in service free of charge, but depending on your available time you may want results sooner. Private practices will offer a confidential service where you can send your sample by post if you would prefer. As this service is not offered by the NHS, it normally incurs a fee.

Your local NHS Sexual Health Clinic performs STI/STD tests for the general public. If you require discretion or need an STI test for work reasons, you may want a quick turnaround time. Most GPs offer a 2-3 week results period whereas private health clinics, such as Your Sexual Health, offer a turnaround time of 2-3 days.

You can get screened for most major STDs at our Sexual Health Clinic in Swindon, such as Chlamydia, Herpes and HIV by completing a quick online form. Depending on your requirements, different tests can be issued with varying methods of sample collection, such as swabbing or collecting urine or blood or all 3.

If you are unable to visit our clinic or would prefer to complete your test from home, then we can issue a postal test at your convenience.