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Instant Blood

Screen for HIV, Herpes and Syphilis while you wait

Our Instant Blood Profile offers same day results against HIV, Herpes and Syphilis using the same blood sample. Get accurate clinic results against all three conditions in under 60 minutes.

  • Clinic test£329

    Visit a private STD clinic to deposit your sample

  • Accurate from 28 days

    This is the amount of time you must wait from exposure to testing

Collection methods:


Tests for

HIV Syphilis Herpes Simplex I Herpes Simplex II

Who is this test for?

Whether you believe you’ve come into contact with one of the conditions mentioned, or you’re noticing symptoms, this test allows you to get tested for four STDs in one visit and get results whilst you wait.

How is the test carried out?

The test is carried out using blood samples that are collected by a nurse at the clinic location of your choosing.

Turnaround Time

This test gains accurate results against all of the conditions above in less than an hour. In the event of a positive test for HIV it will be taken to our laboratory for confirmatory viral load testing free of charge.

When can I take this test?

This test offers accurate results from 28 days after exposure. If you believe there is a possibility that you came into contact more recently, our early detection screens may be more useful. Contact our customer services team to find out more.

Clinic test procedure

As this is an Instant Test, offering results whilst you wait, this test is only available by visiting one of our specially selected clinics. You’ll be assisted by a nurse or doctor in collecting your sample, before they test them using the latest state of the art testing panels.

1. Book your test

To book this test, simply press the ‘Select This Test’ button above. You’ll then be taken to our booking page where you can choose the best clinic for your needs.

2. Arrive at the clinic

Our clinics are all based in a discreet setting and because many of them are general health clinics, there’s no reason why anyone will know that you’re there for a sexual health screening. Just let the receptionist know who you are upon arrival.

3. Your blood sample

This test requires a blood sample for accurate results. The blood sample is a simple finger prick sample which is then dropped on the panels before we add the reagent to it.

4. Now we’ll take care of your results

Once you’ve deposited your samples you’ll be asked to wait in the clinic waiting room whilst the reagent has time to react to your samples. For the Instant Peace of Mind this can be up to 60 minutes. The nurse or doctor will then notify you of your results.

How It Works

We offer a comprehensive range of testing options against all common STIs. You can test in one of our private sexual health clinics or in the comfort of your own home.

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